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  1. Wow, that was tight. Will and about 20 vegas type showgirls and a drumline and dj jazzy jeff. Awesome show. Someone had to have recorded this one
  2. James Avery was on a few episodes of "Enterprise" as a Klingon commander. "Will! Carlton! KAAAHHN!!"
  3. Does anyone know when this Will Smith live DVD is supposed to be released in walmart?
  4. Is there away i could get a copy of the 1988 show, you can send me an email at henley420@gmail.com if it's something we can do. Thanks man!
  5. according to his official site, will's gonna be on the tonight show on april 5th :-)
  6. I was just wondering if anyone has live recordings from full JJ+FP shows, be they the 80s or something more recent.
  7. I don't agree with the overall score, but that was definately another good review to hear/read.
  8. grr, my computer won't open the damn "today" video
  9. I find it interesting how a lot of these reviews tend to contradict each other. Some say "Why" is not worthy of being a single, while others praise it, and most of the bad reviewers are spitting out their opinion on how much they like it instead of actually analyzing the CD and putting out the facts. In my mind a reviewer is responsible for giving the reader an idea what the album is like so they can decide for themselves whether or not buy it, not forcing their own ideals down our throats. The good reviews are all really good and not just spouting praise. They're very intelligent. Congrats to those guys!
  10. ?? I had classes this a.m. and forgot to tape it. If anyone could upload it or email me privately and send it, that would rock.
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