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  1. how can u say he grew up and likes gangsta now, his last album he practically made a whole song about how gangsta rap is wack. Again i quote "truck wit rims (check) throw back jersey (check) champagne bottles (check) lot’s of models (check) Damn that’s the list for 90 percent of ya’ll videos and songs

    Am I wrong" this is gangsta rap, thats what its all about.

    You need to listen to his lyrics, thats where he says the truth, u cant take what he says in interviews as gospal, thats called good PR.

    First of all, what you described is not gangsta rap, it's commercial music in it's entirety. It's also a reality - it's what they relate to since being int he position they're in.

    Stop making excuses for Will, why would you think that's it's just a PR attempt? Because you feel that is is? Because you don't want to believe that he feels otherwise and likes something that YOU didn't think he would? Please. Dude's a grown man, if he can go on record with Snoop Dogg or say that Dr. Dre is a producer that he'd love to work with, support a movie starring T.I., or that he listens to 5.0 Cent what makes you think that he's just saying that for good PR? If Will is as genuine as you'd love for him to be, then you need to accept the he was genuine in what he said.

    Plus, look at Wills videos, that checklist also applies to him as well ("Party Starter" being a perfect example), he's also rapped about those same topics himself so he's not a saint in that right at all.

  2. I agree with what KoffeeBlakk said about Petey Pablo. I got his first album and I fairly enjoyed the album. But the difference between "Raise Up", and "Freak-a-leak" just turned me off. One point I will disagree with you on is getting past somebody's single. The whole point of a single is to turn people on to your album. It's just not everybody chooses to promote a different kind of single nowadays.

    And 50, I thought his albums held up as far as mass appeal. "The Massacre" got a mixed reaction but everyone around me that I knew seemed to want it. And when I read a review between 'old school' and 'new school', "A Baltimore Love Thing" was actually a good song, even tho he personified being a drug. And anyway, Ted, 50 is not oging to change. It would take something miraculous but it's not going to happen. 50 and others have already dug a hole for their image. And with that, it's going to affect their personal lives a bit.

    Actually, I do agree that the difference between Petey's first and 2nd album is a big one. His first album (atleast to me) is a very well put together debut, and one of the better ones of that year that came out. He lost a lot of his energy I feel on his 2nd album (Along with Timbo, who half-assed his effort on the album), and that's why I only listen to the 2nd half of the album where he shows me WHY I became a fan in the first place.

    So far I've heard 3 songs off his new album ("Fire", "Give It Up" and "Show Me What You Got"), all produced by Lil' Jon - and not his cookie cutter beats either, and he seems to be back on the right track to a high energy album.

  3. I dont think it`s true. Soon LL starts his Tour, and after that MTv article I didnt hear anything about that Album anymore. It`s not true.

    Hate to break it to you, but this one's actually happening. They decided on it after they dropped 'Bump This' with G-Unit.

  4. Uhhh....i think wack rapper #1 is everything that wrong with with commerical rap...but what's the story tying him to being a snitch? Unless there's a story behind it, i don't see it as funny!?

    50 is famous for name dropping many "gangsters" from Queens and the crimes they did in his early tracks, so a lot of people accuse him of being a snitch.Many people say that thats the reason he was shot in the first place.

    If you're going to tell a story, please tell it right.

    Basically, the reason behind 50's snitch theory is because of a ONE song called "Ghetto Qu'ran", which is basically a tribute song to the old heads of his neighboorhood. Basically cats that he looked up to. At one point 50 was questioned about his involvement with Supreme, and he didn't say anything but "I don't know anything, listen to my music." Long story short, they tried using that song in court as evidence against Supreme.

  5. "Alot like LL, Chuck D, Slick, + Doug E." Notice he's not mentioning any phoney, unoriginal rappers. Snoop is versitile. He has good songs and bad songs...good lyrics and bad lyrics. He's been stayed consistent over the last decade. And strangely enough, he fits in on "Pump Ya Breaks"...tho' i could easily see the song being just as good without him. The Lil' Kim colabo happened just cuz she waz popular at the time. They have nothing in common and they aren't personal friends. And's amoungst the 3 weakest songs he's done ever. And the Petey Pablo trax didn't see the light of day 4 obvious reasons. FP likes 2 mix it up and try different things. He works with different people on every album just 2 do something new since he's been recording for over 20 years.

    Anyone who is trying 2 put FP in the same category as modern commercial rappers who often don't have any reality or quality in their music is just trying 2 justify their watered down taste in music. When u think of Fresh Prince, u think of Run-DMC, LL Cool J, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah and so on...not Ja-Rule, Lil' Kim, Petey Pablo, Lil' Jon, Bow Wow, and Young Joc.

    Get past "Will Smith, mr. nice guy, megastar, media magnet" and listen 2 the lyrics. It's as simple as that.

    I aree with alot of what you said, except for the part about Petey Pablo. Stop listening to singles, and listen to his albums - Petey can get as deep as Will can, don't believe me listen to "He Spoke To Me", "I Swear", "Gonna be Country", et cetera.

    Not everyone can be positive image like Will, but there are still those who provide that image with their own struggle.

  6. disappointed, frustrated and what's not?...

    after 2 weeks in a row I come home and I find out Will is closer then ever 2 me but I don't know where is he, that just not nice from Will to come here and ignor his true fans.

    I cryed like a lil girl, this is my dream since I was 9 Y.O...

    I can't contact any1 that can help me and tell me where is he.

    I know he supposed to leave today and I just freak out.

    that not fair.

    I thought to boycott WS, but it won't give anything 2 any1 and truely I can't do that. im hoopless sick at home craing my eyes out and my g/f don't know what 2 do with me.

    it's just not right.

    WHY the press can't tell me when I can c him and where??? is that 2 much 2 ask?...

    tomorrow i'm going back 2 the aramy for another 2 weeks with no ammbition and no nuttin thinking my chilldhood dream shattered to pieces with big bags of hopes.

    If some1 will catch Will please tell him that there's a true fan in Israel that cring and in the next time go and perform here.

    but in the bright side I know Will Smith know where is Israel and if he like it he will b back, please tell me that right??? please?...

    Dawg, I'm hopin to GOD that you weren't serious about the crying part...either that, or I hope you're some kind of metrosexual.

  7. My friend, Rappers have been cursing since the dawn of raps existance. Will Smith FROM THE START chose to be different.

    He has gotten a lot of haters because of this, but has gained true fans in the process.

    90% of Fans who enjoy cursing rappers like 50 Cent and Eminem, only enjoy them in the club/car radio, and then forget about them after that.

    Will Smith Fans stay true forever

    Hate to school you a bit homie, but last time I remembered, from the start Will was like everyone else in terms of his lyrics before his Grams found his notebook and schooled him otherwise.

    i think its great that Will samples a lot, i really like it when he does the 80's classic and stuff, his beats are so much more interesting than other rappers, every1 elses sound pretty much the same.

    And as for the club comment, he couldnt be more wrong, i rarely hear people like 50 cent in the club (apart from i heard the song "in da club" a few times when it came out), even eminem isnt really played that much. Will is played so much more in the clubs than other rappers, in fact i hear him more often in clubs than on the radio.

    I take it you don't live in American then...

  8. no it was meant to be a Will Smith album hence it says Will Smith. there hasn't been a JJFP album since '93. it's a lot like a JJFP album since Jeff is all over it, but he isn't over every single track so technically it's not, but it's dope so i'd definitely recommend getting it.

    here's my ratings

    Willennium 5/5 - probably the best WS cd

    Born 2 Reign - 2.5/5 - probably the worst WS cd

    Lost & Found - 4.5/5 - needs more JJ. still a dope album

    Eric Sermon - dont have it

    Loyal To The Game - 2/5. there's like 4 good tracks on it, all the others are messed up my stupid collabos or wack beats and altered vocals. the good tracks on it are 2Pac caliber work, but the rest is just wack.

    you are way too harsh on your judgement of Born 2 Reign..I love that album, hell, the production on it, as well as a lot of the songs, are better constructed than the ones on Lost & Found, and I could break it down even more so if you want.

  9. In DMX's new single "We In Here", he says a line in the last verse that sounds like "That potna sh!t was kinda hot [Not!], How you gon' jack Will Smith for a beat?! That's like trying to jack me from the streets, it aint happenin'!

    Anyone knows who he's refering to? I know about the Potnas track from Willenium [assuming thats what he said], but I dont recall anyone in recent memory using a similar beat.

  10. Everybody could relate to Will's songs like "Chasing Forever", "Just The Two Of Us", "Tell Me Why", "The Rain", "Afro Angel", "Twinkle Twinkle..." "Who Am I?", "Could You Love Me", and "Ms. Holy Roller" though to name a few, Will doesn't always talk about money and jewlery in all his songs, neither does Jay-Z, but Jigga does talk about money and jewlery sometimes though, he can't say that all of his music everyone could relate to.

    Songs that I relate to by Jay-Z, that have NOTHING to do with Jewelry, on top of that, a few you may even relate to yourself. Plus, you make the comment that "he can't say all of his music everyone can relate to', you can't really the same for any artist.

    "Somehow, Someway"

    "This Can't Be Life"

    "Song Cry"

    "Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)"

    "Hard Knock Life"

    "Soon You'll Understand"

    "Girls, Girls, Girls"

    "December 4th"


  11. Jewlery is jay-z's reality, getting jiggy with it is wills reallity, i dont get what not reality based about it, maybe jay-z is a lil more serious realistic sometimes

    Exactly, what I'm saying - just because Jay's reality doesn't share YOUR reality, doesnt make it HIS reality. Everyone has a different reality, and jay talks about his, the street stuff that he talks about he doesn't even talk as if he's still doing it, he talks about it in past tense, it's becaus it's what he did. To discredit it because it doesn't relate to you, is retarded, because then you'd have to do the same for the current way Will is. When he mentions getting 20 Mill a movie, can you relate to that? No, when he talks about Black Radio not playing HIS music, can you relate to that? No. When he talks about the money he has, enough to 'kiss the sky', can you relate to that? No. It's the same vein.

  12. Will Smith & Jay-Z Invest In Beauty Company

    Date: 5/18/2005 11:30 am

    Music and Hollywood elite have lined up to invest millions in the Brooklyn-based beauty products line, Carol’s Daughter according to CNN/Money.

    Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Jay-Z are amongst a few of the big-named investors who have invested a total of $10 million dollars in the new business endeavor and have plans to take the company nationwide.

    Additional investors include record executive and organizer Steve Stout, Interscope Records chief Jimmy Lovine, Andrew Farkas and Tommy Mottola and his wife, Latin recording artist Thalia.

    Pinkett-Smith, wife of Will Smith, will serve as the face of the product through a nationwide advertising campaign.

  13. Frenetic posted

    Born to reign was as creative as a donkeys ass

    Was that neccessary? :poke:

    i agree with u Braces. i tnink Born 2 Reign was the most creative album. sometimes taking a risk and tryin 2 be creative with different styles doesn't always work so well, but there's no denying that it was his most creative album even tho it's my least favorite solo album

    I'd still bump "Born To Reign" more than any Jay-Z album except "Reasonable Doubt", I could say half of "Born To Reign" album is hotter than anything I've heard from Jay-Z in recent years, btw his Volume 3 album is garbage, anything you could say that Jay-Z has done original I bet I could say another rapper's done it before, even though he's been arguably the best mc out on the commercial scene at the moment, until "Lost and Found" has dropped! :poke:

    Ayo, to be honest with you fam, you really urk me with your opinions sometimes, because as much as you hate Jay-Z for certain things, you give Will the right to be the same way. You're saying that nothing Jay does is original, but even on Lost & Found, there are tracks that have been done, and I love both rappers to death. the Blueprint is a way better album than Born to Reign, and you can ask Hero1 about my love for that album.

    Like I said, it just seems at times that you're extremely bias towards Jay, and have NO real reason to be so. Like I said, Imma keep my mouth shut and just walk away before this argument starts again.

  14. At least Jay-Z respects Will, but Will is just as good as him, if not better, Lost and Found is better than any album by Jay-Z

    I'm one of the bigger Will fans on here, but c'mon, you can't be serious.

    Y'know what though, Imma keep my mouth shut, because it always seems to get out of control in these 'Jay-Z Vs. Will Smith' threads, that really don't need to be happening, CONSIDERING they're BOTH TWO DIFFERENT ARTIST.

    For the record, Will is just as materialistic, with lines like "Ya'll better leave me alone, before I buy your radio station and send you home", or even "I could stand on my wallet and kiss the sky", or even "Crib sick, you can see the booth from the kitchen", every rapper does it, just because it's materialistic, doesnt make it real - if it's real to them, Which it is, then I have no beef with it, because they talking about how THEY live.

    So Give it a rest people.

  15. I waz going thru' an old Vibe (April 1999) magazine 2nite. Since i don't really like Jay-Z, i never read the interview back then...but i skimmed it 2nite and came across this...


    VIBE: Your album's at 3 million. Will Smith's is at 4 million. What dose that tell you about the state of hip-hop?

    JAY-Z: Will did a great thing for hip-hop. He brought light onto it, exposed people to it who normally wouldn't be listenin.' Some people are gonna love and stick with Will. SOme people are gonna say, "I wanna little more edge to my music." The more educated people are, the more they're gonna look for the cream of the crop.

    VIBE: Do you mean your own work?

    JAY-Z: Yeah.

    VIBE: You would say Will is the cream of the crop?

    JAY-Z: Me and Will make different music. He's a very creative person. I think mine has more edge and is more reality-based than his.


    I kinda laughed when i read this. Of course i don't like Jay-Z that much but i have heard alot of his music. So my opinion may not be that respected on this, but not all of his stuff "reality based." He's got tons of that jewelry talk...which isn't reality, it's just empty lyrics. Not everyone may feel the direction FP takes in his music, but pretty much eveyone can relate 2 it, and it's him putting his life on wax...that what reality is.

    Just because he has jewelry talk doesn't mean it's not reality - that's HIS reality.

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