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  1. Are you serious? Pursuit was a wonderful movie, and Will did the best interpretation in his whole life. I can't stand Nick Cage... Thanks for the info! :thumbsup:
  2. Cool video. It's also on Youtube: http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=4KUKev9jCvo :jazzy:
  3. By Gateway Arts & Entertainment Staff Wednesday, 5 September 2007 DJ Jazzy Jeff The Return of the Magnificent BBE/Rapster I bet recording with DJ Jazzy Jeff is a very organic experience—he’s probably one of those low-pressure producers whom rappers love working with. If Jazzy Jeff—who made a name for himself alongside a young, rapping Will Smith—doesn’t have an unending supply of buddha and video games to spark recording sessions, I wouldn’t be surprised if his studio was on some new-age feng shui **** with yoga mats abound. Either scenario seems equally plausible, and both would lead to the relaxed kind of tracks that are found on The Return of the Magnificent. Nothing on the album sounds forced: the rappers who make an appearance seem to be chosen more because they are friends of the veteran producer and DJ and less because they’re marketable names. The biggest name is probably the half-out-of-his-element Method Man: “Hold It Down” floats above water thanks to his indelible charisma, even though we’ve heard these rhymes before in various shapes and sizes, bad fart jokes and all. Usually on these kinds of albums, the bigger-name guest stars will phone in their verses because they know few fans will hear the songs. But all parties involved sound enthused to be a part of The Return of the Magnificent: Posdnuos (of De La Soul) continues his trend of consistent, workman-like performances on “Let Me Hear U Clap.” Big Daddy Kane lets his voice melt into the funk of “The Garden;” and CL Smooth hasn’t sounded this good since the last time he worked with Pete Rock. This applies to most of the songs on The Return of the Magnificent, besides a few missteps. Smartly, Jeff stays out of the way of the songs, appearing only in humorous skits about his own fame. With open, spacious sounds and Jeff’s utilitarian beats, it’s the type of music you’d only heard on the radio if you had an XM or Sirius subscription. But don’t call it a comeback—Jazzy has been around for years. –Renato Pagnani, Arts & Entertainment Staff http://www.thegatewayonline.ca/cd-reviews-20070905-734.html
  4. :hail: :hail: :hail: One of the best soundtracks of all times. Listening to: Manic Street Preachers – If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next :wiggle:
  5. GeeQue Interview w/ K. Smith http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=QPtDxr38W2Y Nice Cap.
  6. Men In Black II :wickedwisdom: "Five dollars guaranteed."
  7. 6 Degrees. WS: - What's your daughter's name? Someone: - Gertrude. WS: - Damn why'd you do that man? :lolsign:
  8. Awww Julie I love you :lolsign: Thanks a lot! Nice pics, and nice read. :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom:
  9. Actor Will Smith turns heads at Huyck By Bo Poertner/Managing Editor No need to hang around when your school's junior varsity football team is losing its first game of the season by a big margin. So freshman spectator Brittany Reeves was leaving Lompoc's Huyck Stadium with a girlfriend Thursday when she glanced up into the visitors' section. There, with the afternoon sun shining in his eyes, was a familiar face. A very familiar face. Brittany, 15, would have recognized that face anywhere. Even in Lompoc. Even at Huyck Stadium. It was a face she had seen many, many times - on the silver screen. “We were like, ‘Whoa, that's Will Smith.'” Indeed, it was. The actor was with his wife, Jada. An older woman they called “Grandma” was there handing out cookies and making friends among the starry-eyed teenagers gathering in the stands. Oh, and a bodyguard. The bodyguard kept Brittany a few seats away from Smith. “They told us not to bug him,” she said. But Brittany was within talking distance, so she asked for an autograph, to which Smith politely declined. He explained that there were too many people and he was there to watch his son, Trey, who was helping Oaks Christian High School of Thousand Oaks kick some Lompoc butt, 26-7. “He was nice. He wasn't mean or anything, like ‘Get away, I'm busy.'” Brittany was soooo excited. “Because it's Will Smith, and I, like, love that dude,” she explained patiently. “He plays good in movies.” She knows he plays good in movies; she's seen them all. Over and over. Again and again. “He looked older in ‘Pursuit of Happyness.' When I saw him yesterday he looked younger.” So there was nothing to do but aim her cell phone camera and click away. Smith smiled obligingly, holding one hand up to keep the sun out of his eyes. “He said it was nice to see me.” By Friday, of course, word had circulated on the Lompoc High School campus at that Will Smith had visited. Brittany's mother, Cathleen Clark, an instructional assistant at the school, said it was all anyone talked about. “The whole school was just excited today over him coming. It was just the talk of the town,” she said. Of course, there were doubters. But Brittany had pictures. And those photos will be proudly displayed on Brittany's “My Space” page. Oh, and what about that rumor that hockey-guy Wayne Gretzky was at the game, too. “Yeah, I think he was,” Clark said. Bo Poertner can be reached at 737-1053 or bpoertner@lompoc record.com. http://www.lompocrecord.com/articles/2007/...oast/news05.txt
  10. Rocky Balboa! Sorry, I mean... Will Smith :lolsign:
  11. Damn, Will Smith’s son is a hottie! Perezcious reader had a run-in with the actor on Thursday, and he was kind enough to send us some pics and tell us about the doting dad known as Big Willy. “Will Smith travelled up the California Coast today to the lackluster town of Lompoc, CA, today. He went to see his son Trey Smith, play his first game of Football for the Oaks Christina Academy. On the field after the game was also Wayne Gretzky, whose son Trevor Gretzky, plays alongside Trey Smith. After the game, Will embraced Trey, and showed true support for Trey in this venture. Will mentioned to some fans that he won’t be able to see many games this year, because he is shooting his next flick, Clint Howl this autumn.” http://perezhilton.com/?p=4766
  12. Will Smith Plays Homeless, Flip-Flop-Wearing Superhero In 'Hancock' BEVERLY HILLS, California — You might be up on the latest action-movie news regarding "Iron Man," "Justice League of America" and "Watchmen," but have you heard about that other superhero? The alcoholic, homeless guy in the flip-flops? If not, it might be time to put Will Smith's postmodern comic flick on your radar, because it could be on the verge of creating another "John Hancock" revolution. "We're halfway through it right now," explained director Peter Berg this week, giving us some exclusive details on the film. "Will Smith plays an alcoholic, suicidal superhero [whose actions are] destroying the city of Los Angeles, and he's trying to rehabilitate his image." "It comes out next summer," added Daeg Faerch, the young actor who landed a role in the flick after he was chosen to star in "Halloween" as the young Michael Myers. "It was called 'Tonight, He Comes,' but now it's called 'John Hancock' because he's a drunk and [when a fan] asks him for his John Hancock, he signs it 'John Hancock.' " Currently shooting around Los Angeles, the big-budget film — which has also been known simply as "Hancock," but whose title is still up in the air — puts Smith alongside Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman in a dark story that explores the flipside of being a superhero. So if the Venom-suited scenes from "Spider-Man 3" or the peanut-flicking bar moment in "Superman III" were among your favorites, "John Hancock" has your name written all over it. "Will plays a down-and-out superhero — a drunk, homeless superhero that the [public] doesn't like because he's so drunk that when he solves crime, he creates a lot of collateral damage," Bateman explained of the movie, which has been dangling Smith on wires 50 feet over L.A. streets. "Early in the film he saves my life, and I say to pay him back I'll revamp his image for him because I'm in corporate PR. We're well into that, and I'm buying him a cape and telling him how to do news conferences and all that crap — and then he falls for my wife, Charlize Theron." "There's a real intelligence to it," said Theron, who reportedly has some steamy scenes with Smith. "[The script] was fun yet smart, complicated [and] had a lot of conflict. I don't see a lot of that coming from Fourth of July movies. I like that." While the "Pursuit of Happyness" star certainly has the build to play a high-flying hero, don't start imagining him in tights just yet. "He wears, for the most part, a pair of old ratty surf shorts, an old 1958 Philadelphia Eagles hat, a T-shirt and flip-flops," said Berg, promising he'll make the character seem very real. "I'm a French punk who cuts him off," Faerch said. "He throws me into outer space." When asked what kind of powers Smith's character has, Bateman replied, "He's got 'em all. He's like Spider-Man, Superman and whatever. He's the kind of superhero that we all live with, like in 'Spider-Man' and 'Superman,' where it's a normal world but he's just one guy that has superhero powers." Originally written in 1996 and coinciding with Hollywood's blossoming love affair with comic books, "Hancock/ John Hancock/ Tonight, He Comes" has passed through the directorial hands of everyone from Tony Scott ("True Romance") to Michael Mann ("Heat") to Jonathan Mostow ("Terminator 3") and more. Behind-the-scenes talents had various takes on which of two directions the flick should go for it to properly send up the modern superhero: silly (à la "Mystery Men") or serious (like "Watchmen"). Berg, however, saw the script as something in between. "I don't think it's either. It's a pretty straightforward superhero film," he said. "We're introducing a new superhero; it's just that he's got some problems. But at its core, this is an attempt to create a brand-new superhero." "It's got a lot of interesting, different tones — it's action, it's drama, it's comedy," Bateman agreed. "And with Pete Berg directing it, they definitely wanted to embrace those multiple tones, as opposed to having somebody come in to just deliver this popcorn, commercial film. I hope, I think, it feels like we're executing and delivering them well — it won't just be a typical summer popcorn movie, but it will hold up to high-brow scrutiny." "I find 'John Hancock' a challenge because it's not something I'm familiar with; it's not a comfort zone with me," Theron said of her work on the set so far. "You throw me in a drama, and I know I can swim — but I like the idea of doing this and looking at Will and saying, 'I don't know, "Men in Black 4," you tell me [how to do it]. I don't do these!' " "Charlize Theron and I know each other from 'Arrested Development,' so we're getting along incredibly well," Bateman said of the Oscar winner who had a brief story arc on his now-defunct ratings-challenged TV show. "And Will Smith — the guy could run for mayor, governor and president, and I'd vote for all three of them." "It's a really well-written piece that isn't just fluff," Theron promised. "And it's not just silly comedy. There's a lot of really, really heavy stuff in this." Whatever the film is eventually called, it will simultaneously soar and stumble into theaters on July 2. This report is from MTV News. http://www.vh1.com/movies/news/articles/15...tner=rssMozilla
  13. Thank you very much Radewart ;)
  14. http://img509.imageshack.us/img509/1147/wichyg7.jpg No Will is not creeping on Jada, he was spotted shooting a scene for his new movie “Hancock” with costar Charlize Theron.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctn-5uedQCk :lolsign: :lolsign:
  16. Well done Julie. :lolsign: :thumbsup:
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EiH_sSWX_E :wickedwisdom:
  18. More info... Johnny Galecki to Team Up with Hancock Roseanne's Johnny Galecki, who can be seen in the fall sitcom The Big Bang Theory, has just become a publicist to superheroes. That's right, according to Variety, the comedic performer will act as Will Smith's right-hand man in the upcoming Peter Berg Comedy Hancock. The film follows an alcoholic, out of work superhero who is having relationship problems. Smith will play the hero. Jason Bateman will be playing one of Johnny Galecki's co-workers on the publicity circuit, and Charlize Theron will be playing Bateman's wife. The film is currently filming in the Los Angeles area. http://www.superheroflix.com/news/54/22254.php
  19. :lolsign: Always a pleasure BW. :thumbsup:
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GDzEWMurxo :wickedwisdom: :thumbsup:
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3pbuELhu_M :thumbsup:
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