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  1. you went to miami! :mygod: tell me what you saw..what to see..what to check out..what was great.. im there in a few weeks! :pony: awesome pics.. I'm lovin the beach

    Get yourself to south beach, that's the main one and also where they did the bit in the miami video where he's walking along the street

    I would have tried it myself but i didn't have a bentley to get out of !! :paperbag:

  2. aaaah.. the water is absolutely beautiful! thx 4 sharing these pics.. only thing is missing is me, Julie, Miss Ashley and the rest of us in one of em sportin our shades & 2 piece bikinis, drinkin an ice cold daquari, ...gettin our sun oN! haha... Glad u had fun bru.. :2thumbs:



    as I read that I look out the window, it's rain rain rain :paperbag:

  3. Kobe Bryant looked surprised. Allen Iverson, meanwhile, was angry. His facial expression was very similar to the one he wears after being mugged on a drive through the lane and being whistled for an offensive foul.

    "Shocked? What's the word for beyond shocked? I'm mad," Iverson said after a panel of five former Houston Rockets players - including former Sixer Moses Malone, in a critical role - awarded the NBA All-Star dunk championship to 5-9 New York Knicks guard Nate Robinson instead of Iverson's 76ers teammate, Andre Iguodala, Saturday night at the Toyota Center.

    "Y'all saw what happened," Iverson continued. "That ain't right."


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