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  1. Think about it,

    Hip Hop and 'urban' music has been the most popular music genre for a while now, but we all should know that every so often that genre changes, dance, pop etc have all had their times in the spotlight.

    Hip Hop has had it's time and is now on the decline, and bands/indie music, is now getting bigger and bigger and is going to take over from hip hop

    the music industry goes in circles so 'urban' music will eventually re-surface.

  2. its all fair enough having these brillient meaningful lyrics but its no good if the beats bores me to death. Thats why i cant get into all these "good quality artists". I have way more rnb cds on my shelf compared to rap bcoz i cant find many rap artists that have decent lyrics and good beats. Kanye says some rubbish and some lyrics may not make sence BUT his beats are great and most things he says make perfect sence. He can write about a lot of different subjects unlike most rappers.

    Some rappers think having brillient lyrics makes up for everything else and they dont have to make much of an effort for the actual music.

    *High 5's Julie*

    it's no good be a good rapper if you can't make a good song - that is the reason for their lack of commercial success

  3. Wow, who ever waz behind that UK law is an idiot.

    not for beating up airport attendents, lol...

    Firstly it was police officers who got injured not airport attendents which makes it alot more serious

    secondly it wasn't a law that banned him !!, it was a decision taken by the home office, based on this and things that have happend in the past

  4. for some reason i thought the same as FuQ, that is was some UK act or somethin, and i didnt know it was rap. since it's Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo, i will have to check this out.

    Oh and your weren't gonna check it out if it was just some act from the UK, :bat:

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