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  1. I watched The Superbowl for the first time in my life, it was okay, but the sport on a whole still doesn't appeal to me too much. The Americans sure try and put on show though. But it'd just be a laughing stock if the FA Cup final was like that. :P

    I dunno Prince doing the half time show at the cup final would be good

  2. don't know if this has been posted anywhere but the Smith family are in Italy for yhe wedding extravaganza

    pictures are on gettyimages and they showed will arriving at the airport on the news, there were sooo many people there to greet him

  3. Yeap, big Will like Jay Z and Usher, is involved in a group along with Dr J, trying to buy the Philadelphia 76ers.


    "That leaves four groups in the running to buy the team, including one that includes former Sixer and Hall of Fame forward Julius Erving. Erving's group, according to another person, also includes entertainer and Philadelphia native Will Smith."

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