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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. Wow:(... Why??? Everyone i know was so excited for this! its gotta be a huge hit:(... we need a big friday like 25 mil.... which isnt likly at all
  2. Agreed I thought it was amazing everyone was laughing and all my friends loved it! Saw it again today:o... seen it twice now! Box office mojo says it made less then Wall-E last night:o hopfully that is because it is advanced screenings and not a lot of theatres! I hope it makes over 70 mil this weekend but since the movie starts 3 days before the weekend that might be hard!
  3. Anyone know if they are coming to Canada? or somewhere close like Buffalo or Detroit?
  4. Sick i never saw the back!! I am really looking forward to this!
  5. Source: http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/stor...5001026,00.html Not surprised she seems awesome and Will is always having a good time!!
  6. O alright sick!!! Any idea how long that will take;)!!?
  7. That was awesome!! Will is the man!!
  8. I saw one on much more music that had will smith third behind Sher and J-LO.... are they kidding?
  9. The above post was posted by me... i finally got a new password... i found an mp3 of willywood but i need to be an active memeber to get it :(
  10. i really hope it happens...but i just can't see it happening because nothing has even mentioned him... but i am 100% sure that the commercial said will smith... and i don't think Justim Timberlake is presenting...and they never show presenters on commercials...but why would the commercial say he was presenting and no websites say that he is... i just don't think it is true!!
  11. That'd be great...cause grammys actually are aired here on national TV ye but if they were wouldnt that be announced already...and wouldn't they have some news about it on this site?
  12. ok i read on the imdb message board that it is rumoured that jazzy jeff and fresh prince are performing at the 2007 grammys.... and i saw a commercial for the grammys and i thought they were announcing the performers and then there like justin timberlake, will smith, christina aguilara and it continued...so that got me curious as to if will was performing and then i saw message about jjfp but i have to assume its not true... since it hasnt been confirmed and will did say he was hanging up the mic... but i dunno can anyone shed some light on this?
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