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  1. Just great to see him popping up on stage a bit more consistently. I just wish I knew where/when he was going to perform next.
  2. 100% I just wish they would do one in North America. And with a decent amount of notice.
  3. Amazing! Thanks for posting this. Certainly seems like he has the bug back. Hope it continues and I hope we get that Joyner Lucas collab album.
  4. It’s kinda wild now looking at how much will has gotten back into music in 2023. I hope it continues in 2024!!
  5. Instagram post 1st half 2nd half Just noticed this post on Instagram and went searching for videos! Stoked to see they performed again, hope they keep going and come back to do some shows in North America!
  6. Man they absolutely decimated that performance!! The fact that they closed the show, with that insane lineup, it just makes me so happy to finally see them getting the respect they have always deserved. Been combing through Twitter and the outpouring of love for JJFP is unbelievable. So incredibly happy to see it. I hope it fuels Will to do this more often and release some new music!
  7. Ahhhh this is amazing. Can’t wait to see the full special. Would also love a full recording of the entire performance because I’m sure it will be edited down.
  8. Did anyone go to this show?? Was hoping there might be some phone videos posted somewhere
  9. Missed one. https://youtu.be/fME2MwLSoRQ and then of course
  10. This song is insane. Man Will crushed this. So excited, I feel like each new release is getting better. This is gotta be my fav of his new stuff (although I did love his YouTube freestyle). Just drop an album man. It’s time! Your in quarantine with your studio. What else have you got to do Will!?
  11. Looks amazing!!! Did this include a bit of every song, or is there anything he performed that isn’t here???? Ugh plz just do this in NA!!
  12. Ahhhh I guess this isn’t open to the public! But great to see them still performing. Plz just do 1 damn concert in North America! Anywhere here, and I’ll be there! I’m never gunna forgive myself if I don’t see them in concert.
  13. Loved the movie (for will smiths parts anyways) love that track, loved his vocals during the movie, it all just worked! So stoked!!!
  14. Looks like they killed the performance! Hope it inspires him to do another show with Jeff...... in North America this time!
  15. I love it, it’s different, but at least he’s recording and songs are coming out at a steady pace. I honestly feel like A new album could just drop at any time. Hopefully we get that hip hop we are all craving.
  16. These are so damn good. Just drop an albummmmmmm!
  17. Wish his part was bigger, but I certainly enjoy this track. Buying now!
  18. I’ve had this on repeat for 2 days now!! Can’t stop! This is so exciting, finally seems like an album or at least some songs are going to drop. I just hope he performs in NA so i can finally see JJFP!!
  19. Thank you for everything you do!!!! Watching snippets of these concerts online has been amazing, if I didn't have a baby on the way I would have flown to the shows, but the second there is a show anywhere in NA I promise that I will be there! Clearly there is a ton of demand and people have been loving the shows. Can't wait for my chance to finally see them live!!
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