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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. Could this be a studio version? Hard to tell, but sounds 100 times better then any cell phone footage I've seen!
  2. I would love that playlist, is there anyway you can share it?
  3. Thanks!!!! So awesome! Will hasn't skipped a beat! Loved how he changed "thousands of fans" to millions!:) Hearing jeff come in live gave me chills!!
  4. Was great to finally see the full song! I want some footage of brand new funk!
  5. Amazing read Julie thanks!! That sounds like the best day ever! Did the entire JJFP.com crew go back stage?
  6. That's awesome, I wondered if he would stop periodically to engage with the audience. Damn I just want footage of the whole thing. (What I really want is a NA date)
  7. Yup, I didn't realize the pic was from Blackpool when I asked that.
  8. I just got a clip of the opening and it's the perfect song to open!! Why doesn't he like the song? I need more clips, haven't seen any of brand new funk or much of the medley! Man he seems like he has so much energy The second they come to North America I'm there!!!
  9. How long was the set? That pic looks like he changed outfits?
  10. That's so awesome!!! Can you share any tidbits that we don't know. Any old JJ FP you didn't expect? I'd love some more details on the whole experience!
  11. THANK YOU!!!! The atmosphere looks amazing! Looks like Will was killing it! Ahhh so jelly!!!!
  12. Wow pics make it so real, and unreal that they sold out! Enjoy it everyone who has the Privilege to go!!
  13. Man if this video doesn't get you guys excited (those that are able to go!) I don't know what will! If they don't come to NA missing this will be my greatest regret. But have fun those that are able to go!!
  14. True! I'm just praying they come to North America!
  15. Ahhh man I really wish I could come to this. But being in Canada the flight is just too much, especially since I have a baby coming in October. But if they come to North America I'm there instantly. I really hope they announce more shows soon!:(
  16. Just saw the episode! Had to drop $10 but it was great! Was hoping he would mention a new album or a full tour, but watching will perform boom was surreal!
  17. Damn i actually want to fly for this! But I'm hopeful this will lead to many shows in the US and praying for CANADA!!!
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