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  1. no dummies i'm asking is she coming out wit an album and if she is when it is comin out?
  2. can i dj too? I'm off this whole week so if nobody is djing than I will do it.
  3. It kinda old. I'm surprise when found this. He was on radio in Minnepolis. http://rapidshare.de/files/8024608/Will_Sm...3_KDWB.mp3.html
  4. I thought Tatyana is comin out with a new single? She with Kel Spencer on that song.
  5. Here ya go http://s42.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1B0N3JKTF67QU07VUMLNSY7TL
  6. I downloaded this on LimeWire. In my opinion Cassidy did better than Jin. http://rapidshare.de/files/7283530/Cassidy...estyle.mp3.html
  7. I lost that from DJ Vipa GTS. Can somebody put a link for it?
  8. Is Rev Run still cool with DMC? I never see together anymore. Is DMC even on Rev Run's album?
  9. Most of the people who listen to rap don't know who Rev. Run is. I'm sorry but none of these old school rappers are going to come back and go platinum. Sad to say but Old School hip hop is dead.
  10. did Jazzy Jeff produce it or Quincy Jones produce it?
  11. cause it was. The dancing was horrible. Whole rock thing made the video worst. the whole country thing was extreme trash. The video is a joke.
  12. I really dont like Lil Kim but she is dissin 50 Cent, and i dont like 50 cent. here ya go http://rapidshare.de/files/3338857/Lil_Kim...ty__1_.mp3.html
  13. I do have but the quality of the clip is horrible.
  14. sorry about by pickin megaupload, rapidshare wont accept this video.
  15. I made it this kb video. Can u please rate it. I wanna to see if Im good or not. and please be truthful http://www.megaupload.com/?d=03SG9SNH
  16. :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty: :eusa_naughty:
  17. Hell no. It wasn't worth the wait. That video had okay special effects but Wills dancing was crap. Not just Will but everbody dancing was wack. To me that was the worst video that Will ever did.
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