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  1. I was in the club last weekend with a nice refreshing pint of woodpecker. They what came on, Switch. Was great hearing it like that. My friend has been away for 3 months on a ship as he is training to go in the army so was the first time he heard it. It was a special moment and one i wont forget. All my firends together in a club with good music:) I asked the DJ to put on more will, so after switch came men in black then gettin jiggy with it. the whole club was dancing to will, its a great thing to see. So switch will now always remind me of that time. Tiss beutiful

  2. I have his 2nd album, but honestly, i don't listen 2 it that much. I waz expecting something different when i got it. I remember liking a few of the trax, but some of them i thought were just kinda average. I'll have 2 give it another listen.

    his second was a gr8 album but as it was released after he died it was only half complete. try gettin his first 1. :dj: you wont be dissapointed with it

  3. i still love him and a very different aproach...LOVE HIM!

  4. "So then we moved up thought i was the 'Fresh Prince'
    'Dynasty' was re-runs and 'Dallas' was faded"

    You heard that song? 1980 by Estelle? tis good, looks like english hip-hop may be gettin better. We need an english Will Smith next!
  5. reading lyrics on the JJFP site and the jada verse of 1000 kisses says:

    Woke up this morning to a ?? need to write you
    I hit you back then kiss three little kids that look just like you

    the first line should be "Woke up this morning to invite and couldnt wait to write you" shouldnt it? I may be wrong but I belive this is alot better then the ?? dont ya think?
  6. [quote=jj,fp2004+Sep 1 2004, 05:36 AM]joetwizzy, where did you hear prouf freestyle and mentioned will? i wanna hear that...[/quote]
    err i heard it on a friends pc, ill try find out what it was for you. The lyrics were something like "you wouldnt respect me like will smith if a didn't curse"
  7. [quote=lambertj3,Sep 3 2004, 06:10 AM]aj aftermath puts out d12, wack rapper , and that idiot, aftermath is a hot label, game recognize game[/quote]
    tecknickly shady records puts out d12,emin3nm , 50cent. But the label shady/aftermath (em both) is hot.

    PS. dis is gettin stupid changing the words of posts from that fool to "that fool" and wack rapper to "wack rapper"
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