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  1. On JJFP.com news it says

    Lost and Found goes Platinum WorldWide

    Lost and Found has now sold over 1 million records worldwide. Lost and Found has sold 418, 256 copies in the US.

    and now it says

    Lost and Found 51, 000 from Gold

    Lost and Found sales increased 20% this week taking its total to 448, 603 just over 50, 000 from being certified Gold.

    How can it be platinum but not yet gold?? Please help.

  2. You guys, that stuff about texting is only i the UK as far as I know, I think I remember reading all the others were free, best to check the website tho, that has all the info because I remember looking on it when I wanted info about the Edinburugh gig on the 6th...

    oh right, ithought thats why they called it live 8 ...8 because it sounds like aid in text language. aint 100% sure though

  3. im having a party tomorrow and i need some suggestions for music that people can really get hyped to

    hip hop/rnb or rock

    if you guys can help thatd be great. thanks


    just a litle bit by 50cent

    push it by salt nd pepper

    wannabe by spice girls:)

    and u needa get some cheesy songs like summer of 69:)

  4. i wouldn't do that at all. it's too good 2 be true.

    there's probably somethin missin and u gotta read the fine print or somethin. don't risk it if u dont wanna get ripped off.

    i can already tell that the Holiday one is a scam, all u get is a document, an email rather, that CLAIMS 2 give u info on how 2 get a free vacation. right.

    and the PSP one claims 2 give u another document that gives u tips on how 2 send e-mails to manufacturers 2 recieve free items. WTF? that aint gonna happen.

    I know you get a document. And I know it probably is a scam bu they must be good documents to not get bad feedback.

  5. i'd be more cautious bcoz when switch came out it was played in the Uk first. A few people worked really hard to put the video up and get a good quality audio version. Now the Uk ers could have been mean and kept it all for oursleves and not out the video up. But no we shared it and Tim even made it available for any1 to download whoever posted once.

    So there were loads of people that posted once and took the song like scavengers, then the song and video turned up on other peoples sites even tho it was people from here that put it up. It got out of hand and since Will says clearly in the song dont download it, Tim took it down.

    Its all very nice sharing things with fans but some people just take stuff and leave, i know u guys wont do that coz u post here, but when stuff is so easily available, the vultures come and take without a thank u.

    aarrrgg! this brings back the whole "Switch whores" thing! :lolsign:

    but seriously, if everything was made available to everyone there would be no end to it, last time Switch was on Limewire in a matter of hours. :shakehead:

    how about you change to a potnas after so many posts? there is alot of real members in here that i would probably trust more then a few potnas.

  6. Wtf is a Potna?

    as u'll notice, under each person's name there's a title! u happen 2 be a Real Member. there are lots of different titles. Real Members are just regular people who post on the board. Potnas are people who have proven themselves 2 be honest, trustworthy, and most of all, huge JJFP fans. people who have just joined in past months perhaps havent yet established trust in Tim's eyes. in order 2 be a potna, u gotta stick around for a while. Potnas have they're own board that only they can see.

    one easy way 2 become a Potna right now is take a pic of ur JJFP collection and show it 2 Tim. if u have all of the JJFP albums (besides Rock The House) he will probably let u become a potna. if u don't have all the albums or dont have a digital camera, don't worry cuz if u keep stickin around this board and earn a good reputation u'll get what u deserve! :wiggle:

    hahaha, so we gota "prove ourselves 2 be honest and trustworthy" by showing you our jjfp cds? LOL! I like this board but sometimes I do find somethings people say nd do a bit hard to take.

  7. I recently got my hands on Jazzy Jeff's newest mixtape "The Vibe I'm On...", and as usual jeff has the midas touch on remixes and blends.. dudes got some mad scratching skills to. i really dont know what else to say about the man, we all know he's got the skills, and that he used to be on a little show called Fresh Prince of Bel-aire.. dunno if you ever heard of a guy called Will Smith, but they used to be partners, and all the real heads know that Jeff's influence on hip-hop music is unforgetable, were will smith may have actually killed a small percentage of hip-hop's spirit... ok enough talky talky heres some songs... there just track numbers cause i had to splice pieces of the mixtape up, but i think you'll recognize the artists...





    heres the site: http://www.freemotionhiphop.com/

  8. Heh, that's cool. Glad you got tickets to a show you'll like...

    lol yeah chears, i knew it wouldn't get a good responce here because most people dislike eminem and have no real reason apart from he has a go at people. But i'm real excitred about it, I think hes amazing and I also love d12, the rest are gr8 too. :jazzy: :jazzy: :jazzy:

    And yeah I think it is on the lancashire criket ground :)

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