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  1. dare i say it... will smith, eminem, snoop ... even if you dont like eminem you cannot denny his tallent and how amazing and funny the records these 3 could produce. :jazzy:

    i'm not gonna even go in2 whether eminem is good or whatever, but theres something seriously wrong with u if u think that Will & Eminem should rap 2gether. go 2 willsmith.com 2 find more people who think they should rap 2gether.

    hahaha geek, yeah i do think they would, cos i belive they are two amazing lyricalists, and also think there bothsooo funny.

  2. I've never seen a game in my life but if you live in the USA tell me what channel shows it because I don't think they air it here in the states

    lol i aint sure but i recon that you would most probobly get australian rugby league on. Have a look about:) tiss a good game, unlike american football:p :1-say-yes:

  3. I don't know if this has already been posted, but the Switch performance for the launch of MTV in Africa was made into a video. I just saw it on TV. Sadly, I didn't see Will when the whole premier of MTV Base (right?) but this was as close as I could get. It has Jazzy's scratches and mixes new beats.

    I'll feel stupid if this was already posted, but whatever. Enjoy your day.

    God Blessa!

    yeah i saw it, its a good video cos you can hear how great will is live and see jazzy scrach :jazzy:. It will also help raise awarness of poverty in africa.

  4. I really wanted Sony 2 do a remix album for FP but that never happened.  There are alternate versions of a few trax.  Not 2 many songs are recorded in the form they make the album.  The original "Pump Me Up" had lots more sampling in it.  The original version of "La Fiesta" waz slower.  Big Willie Style originally have more scratching by Jeff on it and more adlibs which were taken off the album.

    and i suppose these version are unavailable?

  5. OMG the willsmith.com forum is halerious sometimes.

    Extracts from the topic "Will Smith is the only gangster in the world!!!!"

    50 cent is a gangster but i like the way u tlk

    i know a lot off gangesters but will smith is 1 of them

    gangsters r well decent i hang around in a big group ov dem

    think will is a good gangster if you know what i mean he dosnt shoot ppl lol

    Quite a funny topic to read.

    Prince later added:

    "WS was shot at once though. I don't know the full story, but years ago he punched a guy, jumped into his truck, jammed the accelerator down and drove off, which is when some bullets were fired at him."

    Which is something that i never knew.

  6. In case u missed the africa concert, will sez he has had an idea for some time about a record called 'the world according to hip hop"..too bad its not on lost and found, it sounds like it woulda fit in nicely..but i look forward to hearing it someday

    you never know will could be returning to hip-hop yet again faster then we could imagine

  7. 50 Cent is real **** and this stuff about Will hanging out wit 50 Cent is probably something he does like once a year just to have a nice discussion over a coffee about life and rap. Then some writer shows up and Will has to say somethin kind because he just spoke to 50 Cent.

    see... exactly the kind of person i was talkin about in my earlier post.

    so u can read Will's mind now??


    U know 50 ain't the first rapper Will has been hangin around with that ya'll don't like. Will hangs out with jay-Z and u guys got a problem with that too.

    yeah well this guys a real hater. he dont have an open mind about anybody. just the type of ppl i just ignore now.

    And what do you know about that?

    I just dont have an open mind about a stupid fool like 50 Cent.

    haha, do you know what an "open mind" is? ... ur a strannge person

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