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  1. [quote=Hero1,Mar 19 2004, 09:57 PM]to the janet fans out there..any1 like "got til its gone" ?? that is the dopest track..and the single has some great remixes![/quote]
    "Got Til It's Gone" is dope!! Man, i LOVE that song. The single waz never released here in the US so i've never heard the remixes (except 4 the one on the "Together Again" single). I've seen import versions online that i've always intended on getting one day.

    Other Janet favs of mine are Escapade, Together Again, That's The Way Love Goes, The Best Things In Life Are Free w/ Luther Vandross, BBD, + Ralph Tresvant, Again, And On And On, Everytime, etc
  2. I'm still raving about "Thinkin' 'Bout My Ex"...Babyface outdid himself on the production of this track!! And the lyrics are like nothing else i've every heard.

    I do agree that 2 or 3 of those trax are a lil' weak, but i'm sure they'll come across different when they are bumping thru' speakers.
  3. [quote=Jazzy Julie,Mar 18 2004, 09:39 PM]I dont know about this getting girls to make the first move. I mean i would drop hints and stuff that i liked some1 but im too shy to do anymore. makin moves is the guys job.[/quote]
    OOoooooohhh....she just put us in our place there...ha ha.

    Maybe my animal magnitism is just so powerful that making females make the 1st move works only 4 me (okay, i'm just being silly). That's usually how i do it tho'....i just hold out until i know it's safe cuz the last thing u wanna do is make yourself look stupid and make somebody else really uncomfortable, cuz it'll be 2 late 2 take it back.
  4. [quote=Just_Like_will,Mar 18 2004, 11:05 PM]Yo Aj, I tried to let it go a couple of times.But every time I see her it's like man i just wanna be with her.Now that she is going out with one of my best friends, I wouldn't go back out with her no matter how much I like her, or how bad I'm hurt if I won't be with her.At least the girl you are talking about you only see her once every week.Is she the same girl who ruined your friendship?[/quote]
    I feel u man. Half the time when i'm not around her, i'm like "i got this...i'm over this"...but the second i see her, it sux again...ha ha. That's the way things gotta be sometimes. She totally destroyed our friendship which amazing cuz of how close we were. It's a very public thing 2 so she has alot weight on her shoulders. On top of that, i've kept pressing on in life, staying mad busy and spending time with all of my friends when i can. She's kinda just gave up on life and dosen't have one.

    It's kinda immature, but i've always made sure i waz doing better off than my ex's who made big mistakes. Luckily that's always been the case, staying postive and making things happen is the best way 2 make that other person realize their mistake. I've finished most of my skool, done 6 or 7 shows in the past few months, and strengthened alot of friendships in the past few months since we split. She sees me making right and moving on (even if she's still on my mind everyday), but it has 2 make her look at herself and say "man, i have no life and i havn't smiled in months...what am i doing with my life?!?"

    Just do u and see what happens. If she needs u later in the future (like most girls who make stupid desicions do, be there 4 her, but don't let yourself slip.
  5. I don't think the subject matter needs 2 change at all. Born To Reign is the perfect example. We know Will is married 2 Jada and he focuses on them on trax like "1,000 Kisses" and "Maybe"...but that dosen't mean that "Give Me Tonite" and "I Gotta Go Home" can't be totally legit. It's not like Will can't be attracted 2 other ladies, it's not like he hasn't been tempted by other huney dips out there. If Will dose a track like "No More," it can still be from the heart, but not based EXACTLY off his personal life style. It's not like he's claiming 2 be something he's not like Jay-Z, Ja-Rule, etc. Will still loads his rhymes up with comedy like on "Holla Back"...but he's grown up, so not all the humor has 2 be in your face and side-spliting. "Willow Is A Playa" is hilarious....but some people don't have any suddlety 2 their sense of humor tho' they might not notice it. When it comes 2 emcees...and people in general, Will has definitly stayed the same person he always has been AND grown up thru' the years. That's rare 2 find. Will dosen't need limitations, he can do any kinda track he wants and it'll definitly be from the heart. Out of all of his music, do ANY of his trax stand out as if he should have never recorded them?? I don't think so.
  6. I think there were lots of times in the past 3 years that a JJ+FP waz due. I think now isn't as strong as a time as those other times, but either way, Hip-Hop needs something like that and fast.

    I think they should go out there and do it and treat it like any other commercial album and promote it 4 the masses. I mean, look at "Hey Ya"...i don't think anybody expected that and it waz huge. JJ+FP might have that same magic, give the people something they don't usually hear that feels good...and they could be unstoppable.
  7. [quote=Just_Like_will,Mar 15 2004, 04:37 PM]My attitude is not like his, I can't keep it clean Like him, and I can't get as much girls as he can.[/quote]
    I got a positive attitude, i do keep it clean, and i do get as many honeyz as him....but i can't help u. :biggrin:
  8. U gotta know when 2 let go. It sux 2 hear, but that's what's real. And if it's not cool 2 be around her, then don't be around her. There is this one girl that i have a past with, and things ended on such a bad note that everyone in awhile she just brings me down. I see this girl every week so it's VERY interesting...ha ha. My thing is this tho'...she's the one who messed up and even tho' it's hard on me, i know it's harder on her.

    U can't play yourself tho' and allow her 2 make u feel that way. Just look at what she is and realize that u don't need that even if u might want it. If y'all are truely meant 2 be, then things will fall in2 place when the time is right.
  9. [quote=sonic1988,Mar 17 2004, 08:36 PM]it is kinda dumb now that they are broken up I mean they could just hire DJs to do what jam masta used to do :dj:[/quote]
    Yo, that has got 2 be 1 of the most ignorant things i've EVER read. That's like something happening 2 FP and then someone saying "Jeff could just get someone 2 do what FP used 2 do."

    Can't nobody begin 2 fill the Adidas of Jam Master Jay...only somebody who knows nothing about him could say that. I do think they should work 2gether in the future tho'...but they retired Run-DMC, it's not the same without Jam Master Jay.
  10. [quote=Hero1,Mar 14 2004, 07:36 AM][img]http://www.willsmith.net/images/image3.jpg[/img][/quote]
    CHICO: Man, did u check that message board at jazzyjefffreshprince.com?

    RAMONE: Yeah, i saw that.

    FRESH PRINCE: Yeah, them fools always be playin' stupid caption games with my pictures.

    TONE: Those cats are losers...for real!!
  11. Well, whatever u do, don't make moves while she is with her boyfriend. That only makes things weird and is pretty much guarenteed 2 mess things up, not 2 mention make u look bad. My method with the ladies has alway been, pretty much make them make the 1st move. Cuz u can't go wrong that way. If u make a move and they aren't ready, or simply don't want it, u make them really uncomfortable and screw yourself over bad. If u make her make the 1st move, then she's waited long enuff that it's driving her crazy...ha ha...on top of that, u know it's safe 2 see if there is anything there.
  12. The video waz played on MTV. I used 2 watch MTV alot back then and i only saw it aired twice. The 1st time i saw it, i waz at a friend's house, we were chillin' in the basement when all of a sudden it just came on, i luckily had a tape on me, popped it in his VCR and recorded it (still have it 2 this day). It waz really funny cuz i waz also at his house when i 1st saw "Ring My Bell" (except we were upstairs). Now that i think about it, i never saw any of the Homebase videos at my crib 4 the 1st tyme...i waz always at somebody else's house.
  13. Since this song waz never intended 2 be released, Jeff probably 4got all about it OR JJ+FP had it titled as something else and it waz re-titled 4 it's release. Also, since much of Code Red waz done by music being sent over 2 Will on the west coast (most of the album wazn't recorded 2gether), since Hula + K. Fingers produced it, there's a chance Jeff had nothing 2 do with the track and since it didn't make Code Red, Jeff may have never even heard it.
  14. I havn't seen the trailor (they never play on my computer in a way that's worth watching). But it's the Wayen's Brothers, it has 2 be at least a lil' funny. I'm definitly gonna be waiting 2 see this trailor. The title itself sounds funny.

    I just watched The 6th Man last nite (that Marlon Wayens movie from 1997)...4got how much i liked that movie.
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