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  1. I would be the one and only Super-Macadocious-Pimp, da JumpinJack AJ. Lover of fine huneyz, head-bobber 2 dope beats, and all around good guy (or at least i'd like 2 think so).

    I'm 23 years old, i'm in college (still), doing lots of theater (actor somewhat-extraordinare), and a photographer....not 2 mention creative writer. I live in Maryland, USA and only speak English (sometimes). I've been a fan of Hip-Hop since i waz really young and came up on a very positive Hip-Hop background. I have a beautiful, sweet girlfriend (that i dont' deserve) and a family that i need 2 learn 2 treat better. I'm blessed with a huge social life that has people of all walks of life in it. I've been a fan of JJ+FP since the early days and still call my favorite artists 2 this day.
  2. Man, this movie is magical...and i don't see how it'll ever be knocked from being my favorite movie of all time. I was 14 and a freshman in high skool when it came out. I remember when the commercials started airing cuz i waz so hyped. They always aired at late nite when i waz watching TV and had "Shy Guy" playing under them. This waz Will's 1st real lead role and it waz the perfect mix of action and comedy. Code Red had ran it's run, but me and my friends were still bumping it on a regular basis. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air waz doing amazingly well. And all of a sudden, this movie waz coming out and Will waz playing oppisite of Martin Lawrence. Martin's show waz probably my 2nd fav show at the time and it waz magic that they were doing a movie 2gether.

    I waz grounded at the time when the movie came out cuz i wazn't trying hard in skool at all. But i still managed 2 go with a huge group of friends (all fans of Fresh Prince). We had a blast seeing the movie and my brother got the soundtrack. I loved the soundtrack cuz it waz a clever mix of established artists (2Pac, Da Brat, Warren G., Xscape, Inner Circle, Babyface, Jermaine Dupri, Notorious B.I.G., etc) and new artists (Jon B., Diana King, Keith Martin, MN8, etc).

    Something about the movie and it's timing waz just incredible 2 me. I saw the movie at least 5 times in the theaters (often times with somebody who saw it with me that 1st time. The fact the sequel actually happend so many years down the road and turned out the way it did is amazing 2 me.

    I just watched the movie 2 nites ago with my one friend who had never seen it b4 (but saw BBII this summer). This movie never gets old.
  3. Here's what we know...

    Will has been working on the album for about a year.

    He has thought about releasing thru' the internet b4 releasing it commercially.

    He has worked with DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kel Spencer, 4 trax with Petey Pablo, and is eyeing a song he did with Mary J. Blige as the 1st single.

    The vibe is supposed 2 be retro Hip-Hop.

    Much of it waz recorded from his own trailor while shooting movies.

    He's waiting 4 the right time 2 release the album.

    He still has no label.

    He worked on stuff 4 the Sharkslayer soundtrack.
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