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  1. That William Hung guy is just a joke, and he knows it. He and that record label are just taking advantage of his 5 minutes of fame. It's just good, silly business...cuz after all, i don't see how he could continue a recording career. I think the only way we'll see him stick around is in goofy commercials unless this cat has any kind of other talents.

    I gotta show love for Jennifer Lopez tho'...i think she CAN act and even if her voice isn't the strongest, i like alot of her music.
  2. I got the TLC "Now + Forever" DVD that hasn't (and may never be released) in the US. There is an unathorized DVD out there called something like "Lisa 'LEFT EYE' Lopes: CraZySeXyCOol" but i doubt i'll get it until i find it really really cheap. If it waz official, then i'd already have it.
  3. Will did 2 trax with Warren G for Big Willie Style!!! They just never got released. One of them waz titled "I Just Wanna Blend" (sounds 2 me like it would be kinda like Twinkle Twinkle Part 2 in the sense that he's fame got so much bigger, but that he's still the same FP he's always been).

    Will mentioned the track in a Source 1997 article that came out b4 BWS waz finished. I imagin the track is flawless. I just can't imagin how u could go wrong with FP's rhymes on that kinda subject matter and the breezy, summery, west coast, g-funk styled Hip-Hop Warren G produces.
  4. It's been 2 years since we've lost Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (April 25, 2002). I just wanted 2 give props 2 Left Eye for the strong, intellectual, and humerous voice that she gave 2 Hip-Hop. She truly is unlike any other female emcee and her words stand the test of tyme unlike most lyrics from other artists.

    Her family is focusing on releasing her solo album "Supernova" 2 the US, where it waz never released and TLC's greatest hits album "Now + Forever" is on it's way. It's been released with no promotion overseas and since Arista Records have closed down, the already under-promoted and already bumped back album is aimed 2 be released indefinitly in the US.

    TLC has impacted my life in big ways over the past 10 years and i just wanted 2 show love 4 my girls. Anybody who wants 2 remember her should head over 2 www.CyberTLCWorld.net
  5. I think u all are twisting the idea of this list. It isn't dissing the song at all. What VH-1 is doing with this show is saying "hey, we liked these songs, but this is why they leave a bad after-taste. They are saying this waz a good song, but since the subject matter is heavy on New Year's Eve 1999/2000, it's kinda useless now.

    For instance, i waz watching this show a week or 2 ago (not this exact one), but they were focusing on great songs/videos with bad dancing and i just remember catching the part that featured Jessica Simpson's "Irrisistible." They weren't dissing the song, they were talking about her attempt at dancing which wazn't very impressive but they tried 2 cover it up by having real dancers surrounding her and said that she is no Britney Spears in the choreography department.

    Again, the special wazn't dissing the song, they were making fun of how dated it is...which really dosen't bug me at all, cuz afterall, i agree...ha ha.
  6. Will did not produce "Bad Guys Always Die." He served as executive producer of the soundtrack, which means he chose the tracklisting and all that, but that was before the "Real Slim Shady" drama. Eminem waz a creative up-and-coming artist...so why wouldn't he put him on the soundtrack?!?

    Will dosen't do alot of producing, why would he chose D12 as a project?!? That dosen't make alot of sense at all...their music is garbage. I wouldn't even consider this 2 be true until i heard it come from a legit source and this is just one of those things that some idiot makes up and puts on the internet.
  7. I wouldn't mind if Nas did a song with FP, but there's alot of other artists i'd much rather see him work with. I'd only like the song if Nas came correct tho'. Lyrically, some of his songs are good...and some of them suck. He definitly dosen't have the same magic he has when he first came out (most of his current fans didn't even know about him then).
  8. The interview didn't bother me...but i much rather hear a real interview instead of ignorant ?uestions like that. However, at the same time, those kinda ?uestions are what that part of the show waz all about so it's not like we could expect much in the 1st place. I think Will made it as funny as he could. Just imagin who stupid that would have been if a rapper like Eminem or 50 Cent waz answering them...ha ha. FP made if funny.
  9. Man, i can't agree with that. I think L.L. Cool J has handled the rapper/actor thing the best. Will has gotten so popular as an actor that his music has suffered and can only really afford 2 do the biggest movies. Queen Latifah's music has also suffered, but she dose both bigger and smaller films. 2Pac never got 2 let his movie career grow, but he wazn't totally outta box when it came 2 doing only hood flicks. L.L. on the other hand has worked up 2 doing big movies that aren't that big...and his music hasn't suffered at all.
  10. For those of u who are looking for those b-sides, most of them won't be that hard 2 find online. New Kids On The Block, Family Christmas, and Don't Fight The Feeling are the ones that are pretty rare. In fact, just 2 get those 3 trax, it costed me ALOT of searching and about $150.
  11. Whoa!! Gritty interview. I think Will handled it well tho.' There's some funny stuff in there!! Thanx 4 posting that.

    That interview isn't from 1999 tho'. Wild Wild West would have just come out. Will also uses the slang "the truth" which he didn't use until 2001/2002. On top of that, when he's asked about "the Eminem comment" he says "at first..." which means the song would have had 2 be out 4 a lil' bit and that didn't come out til early 2000.
  12. dont fight the feeling - rare Japan release of JJ+FP Greatest Hits 1998/1993ish
    holla back - Freakin' It import CD single 2000
    get hyped - I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me) single 1993
    from da south - Boom! Shake The Room single 1993
    higher baby - Barcelona Gold compilation album 1992
    dance or die - Made In America soundtrack 1993
    family christmas - Black Christmas + Avex The Album (rare Japan import) song from 1989, but those albums containing it came out in 1998ish
    lovely daze - various version of JJ+FP Greatest Hits 1998/1993ish
    nothin on my mind - Born To Reign special edition, import 2002
    new kids on the block - Word 2 jive compilation album 1988 (song from 1987)
  13. I can't say that i really care 4 Nas' next release, i havn't really like him since his 2nd album (tho' i loved "One Mic." The reason Nas has more freedom is cuz his recent albums have all done well. When an artists dose well, a label will either give the artist total freedom OR try 2 make them do an album exactly like the past one. I think the reason Will had more freedom on Willennium is becuz of Big Willie Style's success. However, the way they promoted him wazn't fair cuz none of the singles represented the album.

    Also, Nas and Will are 2 totally differenet artists 2 Columbia. They promoted Nas the way they would any other rapper. They always promoted Will as a Hollywood actor who happens 2 rap, which is why their formula only worked for BWS. Cuz FP wazn't tryna go that way on Willennium, so the promotion didn't fit the music.
  14. "The Thong Song" actually got good radio airplay before the video came out. But i'll agree that it's one of those songs that wazn't meant 2 be taken serious..and when people do, it's hilarious cuz u don't know how anybody could take either song seriously.
  15. Radio and the media don't often support positive Hip-Hop stuff. I think Black Eyed Peas are the only Hip-Hop act who have pulled that off in YEARS. TLC's "Waterfalls" is that last song that really stands out in my head like that.

    The sad thing is, is that that's what radio needs right now (and back then). I think it would have been a "Summertime" kinda hit where everybody from the grittiest street thug 2 Top 40 radio fans would have loved the song.

    I can just imagin how good the video would be. It would be one of those videos with really cool special efx, but not flashy special effects. Raindrops, thunder, water, sunshine, flashbacks, etc....the possibility are endless.
  16. What's this doing on the JJ+FP board?! This goes on one of the off topic boards. I havn't liked Eminem since 1999ish, but i think the new D12 song i hilarious (tho' the production is boring). The video cracks me up. I waz happy 2 see Eminem actually have a sense of humor again.
  17. Man, i could go on 4ever. TLC, L.L. Cool J, Heavy D + The Boyz, Imx/Immature, Queen Latifah, Ahmad, A Tribe Called Quest, 2Pac, De La Soul, MC Lyte, Public Enemy, DJ EZ Rock + Rob Base, Brandy, Naughty By Nature, Boyz II Men, En Vogue, Joe Public, Skee-Lo, Monica, Faith, Shaggy, Silk, SWV, Sugarhill Gang, LFO, MC Hammer, Jade, Tevin Campbell, Doug E. Fresh, Biz Markie, Mark Morrison, Snow, Another Bad Creation, New Edition - Bell Biv Devoe, Bobby Brown, Ralph Trasvant, Johnny Gill, MC Brains, Digital Underground, Us3, Fu-Schnickens, Das EFX, Digable Planets, Fugees, Biz Markie, EPMD, Grandmaster Flash + Furious Five, Yo Yo, Tamia, OutKast, Carl Thomas, Aaliyah, Leaders of The New School - Busta Rhymes, Kid 'N Play, 112, Salt-N-Pepa, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Twista, Redman, Keith Murray, The Temptations, Janet Jackson, and the list goes on and on and on...
  18. I can't agree....R-N-B has always done well, i mean Usher, Destiny's Child, Marques Houston, Musiq, Jill Scott, Ashanti, Ginuwine, Aaliyah, and tons of others have been very big the last few years. With artists like Tamia, they aren't charttoppers, but they have the R-N-B fanbase which is all they really need. Who needs when 12 year olds buying your music when your music isn't 4 them. R-N-B has a very loyal fan base and it's success has never suffered. I'm not talking about R-N-B music on the level of Usher's "Yeah!"...i'm just talking about it as music in general.

    R-N-B has definitly been what i've been buying mostly for the past few years cuz their isn't much Hip-Hop coming out that's worth checking out.

    I will say that Mario Winans stuff isn't very Bad Boyish. I've never had problem with Bad Boy's R-N-B tho'...i've always liked Faith, Total, 112, Carl Thomas and Mario Winans has a nice classy sound.
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