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  1. I liked some Bad Boy artists, but I could never stand Puffy and the vibe of Bad Boy Records. Puffy is vicious business man, but a talentless clown and often a trash human. Chucky Thompson was the only producer on his team that I consistently loved. He didn't do that predictable "Bad Boy sound". In fact, to limit him as a Bad Boy producer is an understatement. He produced songs and remixes for Toni Braxton, Born Jamericans, Usher, TLC, Silk, Pebbles, Mary J Blige, Anita Baker, Mariah Carey, Soul IV Real, Tevin Campbell, New Edition, Chantay Savage, Color Me Badd, SWV, Nonchalant, Myron, Elements of Life, Ice Cube, David Hollister, Kelly Price, Nas, RL, Lil' Mo, Biz Markie, Leela James, Jaguar Wright, Emily King, Ne-Yo, Ledisi, Raheem DeVauhgn, and more.
  2. Chucky Thompson, '90s Hip-Hop and R&B Producer With Bad Boy's Hitmen, Dies By Andrew Unterberger 8/9/2021 Click to copy Kris Connor/Getty Images Chucky Thompson poses for photographers during a screening of "Takers" at the AMC Georgetown on August 9, 2010 in Washington, DC. Chucky Thompson, one of the in-house producers (known as The Hitmen) whose ability to blend hip-hop and R&B at a pop scale helped Bad Boy Records become one of the preeminent labels of the '90s, has died. "It is with a very heavy heart that I can confirm the passing of Chucky Thompson," his publicist Tamar Juda tells Billboard. "To anyone in his orbit, you know how generous he was with his energy, creativity and love. Both the music industry and the world has lost a titan." Producer and protege Young Guru also confirmed Thompson's death on Instagram, writing "RIP to my mentor, my big brother, the man who changed my life forever... there will never be another you!!!!" Hailing from Washington, D.C., Thompson was brought into the fold of the New York-based Bad Boy when a friend of his in Baltimore introduced him to a cousin who worked with Puff Daddy, who at the time had been dismissed from Uptown Records and was about to start his own label. "They didn’t have anyone up there that played a lot of different instruments," Thompson recalled to You Know I Got Soul in 2011 of the Bad Boy team at the time. "It was either you played keyboards, or you just were a straight hip-hop producer/sampler, but I was all of those things. " Thompson's versatility made him an ideal collaborator, and he helped build the label's in-house team up with fellow producers such as Easy Mo Bee and Rashad Smith. In 1994, he worked extensively on two multi-platinum-certified classic albums that would send Bad Boy into the stratosphere: Mary J. Blige's sophomore set My Life and The Notorious B.I.G.'s debut LP Ready to Die. He wrote and produced on the majority of tracks on My Life, including the funky hits "Mary Jane (All Night Long)" and "You Bring Me Joy," and co-manned the decks on three cuts, including the G-funk-influenced smash "Big Poppa" on Ready to Die. Thompson's full-bodied production updated classic samples of artists including Rick James and the Isley Brothers for an R&B/hip-hop hybrid sound that helped to define the mid '90s. Hits with Bad Boy artists such as Total ("No One Else") and Faith Evans ("You Used to Love Me") continued for Thompson through the turn of the millennium -- though his biggest single in the 21st century came outside the label's family, with the cinematic "One Mic" for Nas in 2002. His credits grew more sporadic as the 21st century progressed, but he still appeared on albums from Busta Rhymes and Ne-Yo in the past decade, and remained a regular collaborator of Evans' through the 2010s. "A music legend for the DMV and the world," wrote DJ Heat, house DJ for the Washington Mystics and Wizards basketball teams, in tribute to Thompson on Twitter. "Not only laced so many classic hits, but also continued to show so much love for the DC area. RIP Chucky Thompson."
  3. I've never considered contributing to something like this....but I really need to.
  4. I miss when this post was hopping, helping me discover new music and rediscovering old favorites. TONY TOINI TONE - If I Had No Loot Sons of Soul (1993)
  5. Unless you're referring to something I'm not recalling, I don't really fault him for not putting his business out in the street. Some of the personal stuff that came out later wasn't really the public's business. I wouldn't consider him keeping some things private lying. I'm also hoping he focuses a lot on the early days and music, but I'm prepared for this to be aimed at the mainstream audience.
  6. Wow. He put out some stuff like that over the years with minimal copies. There's so much that aren't even aware exists.
  7. Will and Arsenio have always had the best chemistry. I've always wanted them to do a film together. This was Will's wildest appearance on the show. You'd never see something like this on late night anymore.
  8. Yeah, this is a bit of a holy grail. When I was younger, I watched The Arsenio Hall Show almost every night. I somehow missed this episode, but I knew it existed because when he would do "Props 2 Hip-Hop" shows, he would show pictures of guests he had from Hip-Hop and he showed a picture of this appearance. Even when they aired reruns, they never showed this episode. I'd never seen Arsenio have that stage on his set, or the greenscreen, so this has a lot going on that was never done any other time on his show. The fact that they did the street remix is dope, too. Back in the 90's artists would perform their remixes sometimes, but it was rarely done once the 2000 hit. I do get the impression that this was during the time that Will's ego was a bit big. He kind of likes hearing himself talk during this appearance. Thanks for finding it. I thought I might never see this performance.
  9. It's insane to think it was released that long ago. Life is so different from back then. Having never separated myself from Homebase for long, it doesn't really sound dated to me. This was the album that made JJ+FP my favorite group. I was old enough to really latch on to, understand every lyric, plus 1991 is kind of my favorite hear for music (and the music that was released shortly before after it. The album deserves a remastered and expanded treatment. A few years ago they digitally released Homebase: The Remixes (https://www.amazon.com/Homebase-Jazzy-Jeff-Fresh-Prince/dp/B01MR3HFUE), which basically features the content on the singles and promotions singles for that album. That needs to be a part of a proper physical release.
  10. I love how you remixed the website. It looks clean and modern, but has the charm that it's always had.
  11. As an optimist, I always thought he was going to pull out of his health issues. In recent years, Biz has lived about an hour from me and frequently DJ's at a venue I like, but I never made it out on the nights he was spinning. I'm really regretting that. I did see him spin at the Will Smith & Friends event years ago. I also saw him at the recording for MTV's Back In Black, Men In Black special. The last time I saw him was when I saw TLC in 2015, in which New Kids On The Block brought him out in the middle of their set to perform. Biz Markie is one of a kind. He is Hip-Hop's class clown. Few emcees are as fun-loving as him. I think because he can be so silly, we don't recognize him for the song writer that he is, the producer he is, and how much music knowledge he has. There have been some great tributes over the last couple days and they shed more light on that side of him. There's a reason he was tight with JJ+FP. We lost a legend. It's a shame that it took this loss for him to get some light shed on his music, but let's hope it's recognized the way it deserves to be.
  12. I love when this kind of stuff survives to be preserved digitally. This might be the only full length mix I've heard that was done while JJ+FP was still active.
  13. I'll have to carve out time to watch this. The first 10 minutes are gonna determine if I try to get through the whole thing. lol
  14. I just watched the 20th anniversary release of Independence Day or blu-ray. I was going through the special features and smirked at the story boards that had Will, Vivica, and Ross' characters drawn as white people. It made me realize that Hollywood always expects all white characters in their movies. I'm curious about this statement. For those who live outside of the US, would you agree that there's any truth to this. Issues with racism and white washing in the US are so ridiculous that I rarely consider them other places in the world. I think one of the factors that makes ID4 work is the ensemble casting. I can't imagine an character's casting holding that much weight since it's balanced so well. It kind of makes me think there were race issues at Fox.
  15. I'm guilty of not reading The Alchemist. I need to make a point to do so. I recall Will referring to the book in the past. This project does look, good, so I'll be checking it out.
  16. I'm curious why you suspect that Will wouldn't be honest with the book.
  17. Thoughts? Is Napoleon sharing this to get in a headline? It seems kind of out character of Jada, and all together unnecessary. Tupac only ever seemed to show Will respect, appreciating JJ+FP and casting Will in the lead of his screenplay. Why would he have a problem with Will unless he did Jada wrong?
  18. https://thesource.com/2021/07/02/jada-tupac-will/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=jada-tupac-will OUTLAWZ RAPPER CLAIMS JADA PINKETT SMITH ASKED TUPAC NOT TO HURT WILL SMITH WHEN SHE BEGAN DATING HIM JULY 2, 2021 Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac Shakur’s close relationship from childhood to adulthood has been well-documented. But there was a moment when things got rocky when she began dating Will Smith who she eventually married and had two children with. Outlawz rapper Napoleon appeared on The Art of Dialogue and shared a story about the time when Jada offended the late rapper. “I remember when I first came around ’Pac, Jada Pinkett was in a movie—might have been the first movie she ever starred in, with the Wayans brothers,” Napoleon began. “Then a couple days later, I heard him mentioning to someone that he knew the actress, which is Jada Pinkett,” the rapper continued. “Later on, she became a star. The second time I probably heard him talk about her is when he went to L.A. He was very upset. ’Pac came in the room and was like, ‘Jada, she gon’ contact me and tell me don’t do nothing to Will Smith.’ So ’Pac was upset and said, ‘I don’t know why she think I would have tried to make some problems with Will Smith.’ I guess it kind of hurt him… He had a lot of love for Jada Pinkett, a lot of respect for her.” Back in January 2020, Will Smith admitted that he was jealous of his wife’s relationship with Tupac and never spoke to the West Coast rapper because of that. “Oh my God!” Will said. “Dude! And that was in the early days. And it was like, that was a big regret for me too, ’cause I could never open up to interact with ’Pac. You know, we had a little bit of a thing because they grew up with each other.” He added, “They loved each other, but they never had a sexual relationship. But they had come into that age where that was a possibility and then Jada was with me. So, ’Pac had a little thing on that. But she just loved him. He was the image of perfection, but she was with the Fresh Prince. We were in the room together a couple times, I couldn’t speak to him. And he wasn’t gon’ speak to me if I wasn’t going to speak to him.” Do you think the claims Napoleon is making about Jada, Tupac, and Will are true?
  19. I pre-ordered the hardcover book and the audio book on CD from Amazon. I'm looking forward to this. I always get a craving for Willennium and Big Willie Style in November, so this will hit at just the right time.
  20. I don't understand why people are still trying to tie Rakim to the song. This whole thing confuses me. The music was done by Hula and K. Fingers. Are they saying the track was offered to them first? It doesn't make sense. ....am I the only one who reads Rakim's response with his voice in my head?
  21. DMX's final studio album, Exodus, is coming May 28th. DefJam Records announced it earlier today. It's almost certain that it'll do well. Let's hope it hits number one like all of his earliest releases and has legit impact on the mainstream...and has the material that's worthy of doing so.
  22. I dig it. I think he'll inspire a lot of people to take their health more seriously...at least for the time being. I know I could use that motivation right now.
  23. Been awhile since I listened to this album. DAS EFX - Shine Generation Efx (1998)
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