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  1. dat waz tight. i remember that logo 2. i like that logo better.
  2. now u can call me stupid but i just realized that geoffreys son was on remember the titans. he was jerry. i also saw him on the steve harvey show. he doesnt really have a british accent.
  3. yea. his lyrics werent all dat good. im not talkin bout tha b word im juss sayin i didnt like his lyrics.
  4. i saw this thing about him on vh1. he has a wife and a couple kids. carltons doin big things now.
  5. ashleys friend. "I've always wondered... since coffee is made from beans, does that make it a vegetable?"
  6. this beat kinda sucked. ive heard way better.
  7. why is it that some episodes of fpoba have different scenes? i saw the one last night where will had to dress up in the fat suit and uncle phil said a different line about the pudding pops. does any one know why
  8. it said buy all 148 episodes on 13 dvd's. i bought and it came with 12 dvd's and i only have 129 episodes.
  9. now i kno thare are 2 many to pick from but list 10 or less that are ur favorites
  10. do u kno tha song that they used when jazz was in the trunk. will and carlton were going to college. the one where carlton was gambling and he played on that machine all night. (not the one in las vegas.)that big guy came in and played once and he won. and they needed money to pay the guy that filled up their gas tank. will was about to fight that guy that won. will got beat up. will goes " hey why dont you pick on someone your ownsize." and then he gets down to carltons height. will played a game of chance and he won. jazz tried to play. he played poker but he thought it was go fish. Jazz pulled out money from his shoes and goes "look lady. lets play a game of chance. im thinking of a number 1-10. what is it." she goes "7" and jazz goes "damn".
  11. mine was on the episode bang the drum ashley in the first season. when jazz was playing the drums and will did the running man
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