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  1. My favourite serious role of Will is definetely Ali.I love this movie.But the others movies are great,too.
  2. I definitely would support him.But I hope he makes a final album.I´m a big fan of his music.We just can hope.At end it is his decision.
  3. I like Kanye´s music,too.He has good rhyme skills(one of my favourites is "Touch the sky").But I think he can´t reach Will.Will is now 20 years in that bussiness and he brings hot singles out from year to year(like "Switch").I don´t think that anybody will know Kanye in 15years. Sorry for my bad Englisch :redface: .
  4. Yeah,nice track Ace.You can flow very well.Respect :1-say-yes: . P.S.Sorry for my bad English.
  5. I must say that it´s a good song.But some lines are better then others.But at all it´s very good. You have talent.
  6. Good lines,man. Keep working! (Sorry,my english isn´t so good because I´m from Germany).
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