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  1. Just a little thought.. In the episode "Take My Cousin -- Please" gave Will a date to Hilary with his teacher. When they are at the opera, Will talks about how Hilary should live in the future if she doesnt date Will's teacher. (this is the scene with bloopers from the opera) After one joke from Will (he said something like ("yeah boy!", or any of that jokes. doesnt remember, sitting in school now). you can hear Alfonso Ribeiro laughing behind the camera, after the audience stopped laughing.. Anyone who have noticed that? Sorry for my bad english ;)
  2. Phil. "Hi... I like your tovel" (spelling might not be OK)
  3. I have seen an episode there Will and Carlton are going on a ski-trip, but they drive of the road, and they falled on a cliff. Anyone knows which episode? Sorry for my english.. but I hopes you will understand it =)
  4. Thanks Julie, and actually I saw the episode for a couple of hours ago, and it sounds as one song
  5. Uh nice! Where is the house? Do you got other pictures on it? =) The inside is not like the FP-show, right?
  6. http://image07.webshots.com/7/2/19/88/88921988elKlLo_ph.jpg Is it the house, maybe? I searched on Google, but i dont think thats the FP-house.. Edit: Better picture? http://images.google.se/imgres?imgurl=http...6lr%3D%26sa%3DN
  7. Please help me with 2 other songs that want to know the name on =) In season 6 they are showing bloopers and so, and in the end of that episode, when Will, Carlton and Nicky dancing before they are going out to act, they play 2 songs. One of the songs is also played on a other episode, when Will and Carlton lost all their money on a casino, and they join a dancingcontest to win money to get home. Anyone who nows the name on this song? The other song is also played when they dancing in the "bloopers-episode". But this song is just after the first song, and i goes like "huugha huuugha" i think... Thanks if anyone knows the names! Sorry for my bad english =)
  8. Hi! Im a swedish fan of FP, and I found this forum yesterday.. great reading! I want to buy the Fresh Prince, the DVD of course. Whats the different between "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: The Complete First Season" and "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air: Season 1". I understand that the first one is "complete", but what is the completed part in the dvds? Where is the best place to buy the dvds? I read in this forum and understand that season 1-2 are available in UK, and i think I should buy it online from there. Thanks if you have time to answer my questions... and its so funny with all FP-fans at one place =) Sorry for my bad english.. its not my best language I can speak.. Ciao!
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