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  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to stop by and say - Tim, everyone here, everyone who still frequents or once frequented this site - you guys are awesome. Seriously. The impetus for this post is that seven years ago I came to this forum for an outlet, for an opportunity to enjoy my favorite artist, and for a community of similarly minded people when it came to good music. At the time, I ended up sharing some important moments in my life, including my first big break up. () At the time, I was at what I thought was rock bottom. I had no idea how to communicate how sad I was, and how pessimistic I was about my future. I came to this forum and you guys were great. This site has created a community that, while it has waned with the lack of music updates from Will Smith, was a needed outlet and break from life sometimes. And with this community and my own personal network of friends and family, I thrived the next several years. I came back to this site today because seven years later I'm dealing with my second big breakup - this time of three years and plenty of expectations (e.g., marriage, settling down). And while I now laugh at how consumed I was back in 2006 with that (now seemingly insignificant) relationship, I realize that those same feelings have come back. People get depressed for a number of reasons. And the number one worst position to put yourself in is one without perspective or the realization that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Believe me, right now I could tell you how I feel like things will never get better, that I had my chance, that the girl of my dreams is no longer in my life. I could swear to you up and down that this time is different and I'm doomed. And then I can look at that post from seven years ago and realize those feelings are natural and almost required to come out of a situation for the better. So thanks to Tim and everyone here for keeping this site up and active, even as the activity has slowed. I never saved that post to my harddrive, but seeing it today was a great wakeup call to me, when I needed it most. It sounds kinda ridiculous but whatever I just wanted to express my thanks.
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