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will performing in leicester square

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Guest Prince
Hey, this is quality humour going on! Nothing wrong with a bit of banter!

Other posts to check out for those who don't know (comedy going on in them):
Anti - bullying club
Most likely to be Will!!!!

Both in the forum Caught in the Middle.

Thank you for your attention, carry on.

EDIT: I must stress that the Anti - bullying club began as a joke but is now a serious discussion Edited by Prince
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oh so ur gettin sock man to fight your battles??

the prince will stop the teasing
infact he'll hits da brakes
when lil kim comes on the board
you'll cry for your mistakes!

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Guest Prince
Hello Kim, welcome to our humble home. Please feel free to sit down, make yourself welcome, have a biscuit, don't eye up the silverware. :dancingcool: :thumb:

Sorry! Sorry! Keep posting, we aren't all like this! Edited by Prince
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[color=purple]hehe, i think its quite funny really!

but yeh if julie doesnt mind i may post here occasionally, my regular site is down so i was just visiting :switch:

nice to finally meet u both [/color]
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[color=purple]Kings quest 9...oh i sound like such a geek! its like a site for people who like the kings quest series, a group of talented people are giving up their time to put a game together by themselves...its hard to explain, but the site is like a 2nd home to me, i love it there! but i can see its gonna be fun here too![/color]
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