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The City Tragedy Series

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IF YOU REALLY WANNA READ ALL THIS I RECOMMEND IT. Its 5 pages printed. not a rap but i was thinking of recording it as one if i have time. the only thing is its 3 different poems, i just refer to it as one. the second one is kinda hard to follow cause only one character out of 5 has a name. so its like "the man" "the women" and on top of that the point of view changes alot..every stanza

The City Tragedy

By Mike Petrow

Shes sweating but you can still tell in the rain

Shes crying but you can still see the tears in the rain

Shes hurts so much like she slipped and fell in the rain

She tries to cover it up but you can still see shes got pain

She thinks everyone else in the world will be the same

She thinks of home and wishes she just stayed

She wishes for the better so right just then she prayed

Hes so glad he got away with what hes done

She never wouldve done it if he hadnt bought that gun

It was a random girl so he did it just for fun

He felt guilty when she cried about her son

But he couldnt resist that body it was blinding like the sun

When he finished up he told her to never tell

He looked her in the eye and then he ran like hell

He paused; I cant trust this girl so I might just as well

"I cant believe the sick people in this worl

There lies a body on the floor, cold and curled

Its in a little ball she tried to help the pain

All I see in the city is like theres no one that is sane

I line the girl with chalk, here comes the body bag

Shes naked on the pavement whats left of clothes are rags

I cant stand to see her eyes so I cover up her face

I wonder if Ill remember her, or will she be gone without a trace

Shes another person dead, this time another girl

I was just on this block, what a small world

I was taking a ride in my squad car

Five minutes from here, it wasnt very far

I shouldnt wear my badge, to the ground I let it fall

This never would have happened if I answered that call"

Another City Tragedy

By Mike Petrow

The little girl walked into town by herself

She walked into a store; pretty things sit on the shelf

The reason shes here isnt to buy some toys

She puts back the item and hears a familiar noise

Down the street a man speed walks down the block

He needs to let out his nerves so he picks up a little rock

He holds it in his hand and rubs it with his thumbs

His friend will be here soon he doesnt wanna look dumb

He hasnt seen him for six or seven years

Mark got arrested after he had too many beers

He met this girl, "I dont like this story

I mean he was drunk but its too graphic for me"

He thought of Mark and stopped at the corner

The old lady hasnt seen her granddaughter since her birthday

"What will we talk about I don't know what to say

Oh there she is looking at that doll"

The old lady didnt recognize her, she had gotten so tall

She called over the girl, the girl paused her head

"Maybe she didnt hear what I said"

The lady called her again the little girl turned her head

The girl was embarrassed she didnt turn before, her face turned all red

The girl called out grandma and gave a loving hug

Love is expressed better when the hug is snug

Down the other way a man walks with a bag

Two masks, a gun, and an old bloody rag

The rag was old, from the past, another time

Once it was white, now its faded red

Thats a story in its own but its already been said

Up the road he sees a figure, fiddling with a stone

Mark knows its his friend, but he stays alone

He thinks of the past, he knows the consequences

Here it would be different; he wont jump as many fences.

You cant convince Mark, he makes everybody pay

Once he gets money theres nothing you can say.

The man sees mark, he waves to his friend

He plays it tuff, but inside he wants it to end

This isnt what he does, hes got a job

He doesnt hurt anyone, never did he rob

"I hope I dont chicken out, I really need this money"

Hes paying off his debt, he lost the bet, and he had to run he, he had to

The thugs were gonna kill him.

From that point on, only fear fulfills him

Mark is almost here, only time to back out

But he wants to make a good impression; Mark can tell hes full of doubt

Mark said hes gonna rob one more

Its the late shift, only one person in the store

"I handed him the mask, then I gave him the gun

I can tell he wants to leave, drop the sh*t and run"

The other man was worried, they looked suspicious

But mark said it would be good for him, almost nutritious.

"I see two grownup boys, they must be cold

Theyre wearing dark ski masks; one has a necklace made of gold

I think its pretty, they cant be so bad

The one of the left is tall, just like my dad

Hey, one has a black piece of metal, the other guy too

Theyre coming this way, I wonder what their gonna do"

"Oh man here we go, were almost at the door

Its about a yard away, maybe a little more

Mark just opened the door, my heart is pounding

Marks shot two times, just to get attention,

Marks gun is shaking in my hand; I dont know what to do"

The mans hand is breathing heavy, he cant pursue

"Oh dear, not again, the store is getting robbed

Why do I have this store, I should quit my job

Basic procedure, just give them what they want

Do it fast, no attitude, never taunt

I dont want my granddaughter to get hurt

One goes 'empty the register' barrel aimed at my shirt"

"Come on, come on, this is taking too long

Whats he doing? Hes doing it all wrong

He calls me over 'Mark im not too sure'

He talks to the little girl, I think he likes her"

"This man is nice to me, the other one scares me

But nothing in the world could prepare me

For the shock of my life"

"Ever since that day I always pick up my radio

The girl in the alley, oh here we go

Tearing up again, so many dead faces

In the stores and alleys, so many dirty places

The little girls body, with her hand over her eyes

Still a moist tear on her cheek, from when she cried

The old women dead behind the counter

I cant stand this job, so much terror

The stakes are way too high when I make an error"

The Final City Tragedy

By Mike Petrow

"I cant live with this guilt, so many lives I let fall

Just cause im not fast enough, not fast at all

Im still in my uniform, fresh from the station

The criminal got away, I should get probation

Knowing that hes out there, the other confessed

Looks like he couldnt deal with the weight on his chest"

"Couldnt get away in two stolen cars

Mark got away and now im behind bars

No way out, theres no where to hide

Im here for life cause of double homicide

I didnt pull the trigger though, that was mark

The police thought it was me, couldnt see in the dark

Unfortunately were all innocent at least thats what we say

People that didnt do it still have to pay

I wish for the better so right now Ill pray"

"I know he didn’ do it, theres nothing I can do

Hes still on death row even though what he says is true"

"Ill have no final meal, im feeding on my sorrow

Knowing my life will end the day after tomorrow"

"He died peacefully, in the chair he fried

First time in years, I broke down and cried

I should be in that chair, but im not that tuff

The virgin gun on my hip should do good enough"

Edited by WILL IS ILL

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havent recorded this cause i dont think i will, cause it would be really hard to rap cause the other people talk and stuff and theres a narrarator. theres just too many different parts... maybe i should do it like ' trapped in a closet' and do like 30 differnt songs lololol

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This would be a dope spoken word to present amongst a lot of people.

Oh yea FuQ, good idea... This would be cool in spoken world format.

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i have just been informed that this will be in my schools folio magazine. which basically is a magazine that comes out once a year showing the best poetry by the students in the school.

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