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Party Starter Video!!!!

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The good thing is the fake is only shown for a short flash each time. It would take a pretty hardcore fan to notice, he does look like Jeff.

Thinking about it, I doubt he's a last-minute stand in, I mean where would they find someone that looked that similar to Jeff at such short notice?

I was watching the video again last night, but on a better monitor. I think once it's on TV, it'll be even more obvious... But seeing it on a better screen, it doesn't look anything like Jeff and it doesn't look as shadowy either. When I saw it on a bad monitor I was convinced that they where trying to pass him off as jeff, but now I think it's just some random DJ that I was reading too much into.

Yeah, I think we may be reading too much into that...

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i'm loving this, haven't been able to use the internet for a few days but this was a great thing to come back to!!!! I love it, ok, there's a fake Jeff - not good, but the line dancing had me laughing and overall i really liked it, cant wait to see it on tv!!!!

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i'm so happy!!! i've been in the army for about 5 days and when i come back i got the PS video!!! i have only 2 problems with the video:

1) the dancing with the cowboys was prety wack...

2) i don't like the radio version of the song and i'm disapointed they chose this version for the video clip...

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