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Hi everyone,  First and foremost, THANK YOU ALL for your continued support of JJFP. For those of you that got to come backstage and meet Jeff & Will, I think you felt there genuine appreciati

Here is some of the jazzyjefffreshprince.com crew - there was a lot of us there.. there was heaps of JJFP fans there it was incredible to see - everyone had made their own JJFP t-shirts! Brakes shirt

Greatest show I have ever been to! It was just amazing seeing them live. I've been a fan for almost 20 years and it was a dream come true. Great setlist, great effects and visuals. Loved every second

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18 minutes ago, eagle1 said:

Gotta agree! Great shirt!!!


They were keen to do shirts like this themselves when they saw Brakes shirt! And Brakes was taking orders in the crowd. Just the JJFP logo would do me. Still looks great!

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6 hours ago, Da Brakes said:

Cris asked for the design! Said Jeff loved it. Will be sending it to him when I'm back home 

Awesome! I can't believe they haven't thought about that design before. I wonder who designed the logo. 

I'm with Tim, a black shirt with a large logo is good enough for me. Just like the iconic Run DMC logo and shirts!

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I hope Get Lit will be part of a new album, and not just a one off song. But after 12 years of waiting for something new, one new song is better than nothing.  From the clips I saw on Youtube, the show looked incredible. Boom! sounded awesome, and I think this live version sounds better than the studio version. Nightmare was a great surprise, and it was fun to see old school classics Girls and Parents in the show. 

Will said that he's got the bug again, so hopefully these two shows lead into more live performances and more new music. 

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On 29.8.2017 at 9:37 PM, Dave Nicoll said:

Right guys ... my son said I am best putting the videos on YouTube for you all then sending the link. Give me a week to suss that out! :-)

Hey Dave,

welcome to the board. We had a conversation on why Code Red is not available on spotify yesterday on Facebook. :)

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