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  1. Happy Birthday to you Definition, and I hope you have a fantastic day 2 day. Your screen name also has a nice ring to it. Sounds like a real KS fan.. and ita actually reminded me of something I have to be doing for him today. lol... so thanks. lol HAVE A SMOOTH, CAREFREE, AND SAFE BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!! xo, cookie
  2. 3cookies

    Happy Birthday Cookies!

    awwwww... how sweeet!!!!!!! :paperbag: thank you guys soo much!!!! i 4got i had a birthday. lol. oh man.. im just getting to read this about a month later.. its so nice to read... even now... thank all of you for the great birthday wishes and love as always.. and i did see afew ages there.. but imma be 19 for the last tyme this year... LOL promise... LOL. I dont know what age imma be nextyear. but i think 21 sounds good. LOL "La Galleta"... ??? .... Haven't heard that in ages. LOL. (its my nickname in spanish. ) Dont know what u tagged me with there Kevtastic.. but it sounds fun. lol. I was in Florida, relaxing "away" from my kids ... phone turned off most of the tyme...and sleeping alot .. still haven't met that handsome man i was hoping to see near the Florida beaches.. so oh well.... lol thanks again fam.. i love u all.. what would my life be without all of you to make me smile???? xo, cookie
  3. 3cookies

    What Are You Listening To? XVII

    Get It Together ~ 702 xo, cookie
  4. 3cookies

    What Are You Listening To? XVII

    Get It Together ~ 702 xo, cookie
  5. dont be nervous Julie ... maaan.. jeff got the most easy laid back attitude u wont belive girl. I was way more comfortable hanging out with him than i was with KeL spencer, and KeL was over at my c rib for one minute. LOL.Jeff is awesome, and just got that down to earth attitude... so if u meet him, and get to hang out like i did.. u willl feel like fam.. trust me on that one sis.. Darnell. and Jeff both are soooo the men.. skillls is cool too. he was buzy doing his thing.. i didnt really interact with him like i did with Darnell/Jeff tho.. xo, cookie
  6. 3cookies

    New Kel Spencer Track

    perfectly said Brakes... xo, cookie
  7. 3cookies

    New Kel Spencer Track

    I figured also, that it may just be a raw gritty image that he wants to project (like u said) to a target audience and i wasn't being fair. Tho I may not be really diggin it all that much, I still support him tho... cuz he's fam... Actually, he gets positive feedback from ppl thats feeling the beats too. Rap Artists can never please all the fans all the tyme, especially us oldskool R&B folK... lol xo, cookie
  8. I havent been to jeff's official site in AGES,.. but isn't it on there??? Tim would know for sure tho.. good luck finding it.. xo, cookie
  9. 3cookies

    The New Village Academy of Calabasas

    On 2nd thought, I dont think I would want my kids going, if its related to Scientology, because i know nothing bout it, and i dont want anyone converting their beliefs. Besides, the kids may sit in circles if theyre rich asking,.. What do your dad or mom does? and one of Will's kids may say, "Will Smith is my dad, and surely u know him.and what do your mom do, Jay?" I wouldnt want him to say, well, she's an artist and draws portraits, and the kids say.. but WHO is she tho? lol... I was joking.. and would never ask anyone to sponsor my kids in that sort of school, because i wouldnt wanna act the fool if one of the other parents step at me like theyre beter or their kids are better because their banking money like that... naa... dont want my kids feeling subordinate to any one's kids... we're good. xo, cookie
  10. 3cookies

    New Kel Spencer Track

    I"m with AJ 110%. This is how I've felt in a long while with those beats he's getting from the producers that he works with. Its just a matter of tyme of him hooking up with someone creating some BANGING beats that does his talent more justice than currently... When I listen to a new joint, I wanna be feeling it ,... and pulled in strait up from the very first beat... xo, cookie
  11. 3cookies

    The New Village Academy of Calabasas

    oh boy. u so right Juile.. i was just wandering tho... u guys think that i can get Will to sponsor my 2 sons to go? lol... what the hell.. it doesnt hurt to ask, does it... but the question is... Who the heck do i ask? lol... prolly get a NO.. but still tho... xo, cookie l
  12. 3cookies

    Vote Will Smith hunkiest dad of 2008!

    LOL @ Visqo... so why cant you vote huh? lol lol.. naa... I would, but I just dont have the tyme on my hands... Will is definitely a hunky dad and gets my vote.. but ill limit it to the board. lol. this thread actually... can't turn in2 a loretta... xo, cookie
  13. 3cookies

    Jada & Mary J. Blige

    Thats actually not new news.. but sorta old. To be honest, I was all up on this hype when I first saw Wiill and Jada backing it, and I went and bought a 4 0z bottle of Hair Milk, and a 4 oz jar of Mimosa Hair Butter,... and tho The hair butter smells real pretty, I had to drive too far for this overpriced stuff. I personally think its too pricy for the average person, especially driving 40 minutes with these gas prices to get it. nope. I can get something MUCH healthier from the Beauty supply for cheaper, and not have to drive to only ONE location in Los Angeles that sell it. Thats not convenient for me... If its gonna be marketed, make it more easily available for those ppl willing to PAY the prices... I love Jada and Mary... and this may be multi million dollar deal to fatten up their pockets in the long run...but got DAMN... think about the po folks for a change .sh!t. any offense taken?? oh WELL....whutever. lol xo, cookie
  14. 3cookies

    What Are You Listening To? XVII

    LaLa ft. The Game ~ Sprung On A Thug. xo, cookie
  15. why that response Julie????? He hasn't done anything wrong... xo, cookie
  16. LOL.. its all cool AJ... thats the only episode that I remember with JJFP joint in it. I remember that episode so good. hahah man, my sons LOVE to watch Fresh Prince on tv. It can be LATE at night, and im like GO TO BED!!!!!!!!!!!! "but mom, the Fresh Prince is on"... so im all like,.. ok.. soon as FP goes off then. LOL See the impact Will has on me and my boys know it too? What a bad influence he is on me, and they use it to their advantage! ... LOL just kidding... its all good. xo, cookie
  17. 3cookies

    Hancock: master thread

    Brakes is Right. I sometimes wander where the hell these so called critics come from. They could be an essentric (sp?) old souL in a young body, whose view on a good movie is an old western with the sound and picture totally out of sync by 5 seconds. LOL. Critics are like any one of us, with our very own individual tastes, views etc... and when they put their own dam 'opinion' out there.. some people are actually silly enough to go with opinion versus fact... and see the film(s) for themselves. that sux to see 'critics' having negative impacts on a movie b4 it has a fair chance sometimes, tho its not always the fact.. .. but it is what it is.. xo, cookie
  18. 3cookies

    Brand New Funk 2K7

    BRAND NEW FUNK is a strait classic. no doubt. I dont think theres anything risky about when they do anything fresh to it... all it does is introduce classic oldskool flavour to a newer generation of fans that may not realize how much of a classic the original is,.. or even know anything about it. so it sort of creates a generational 'gap' closure, or rather...simply add a lil bit of twysted flavour to blend with a new generation of muzik lovers... i think thats always good, keeping it fresh like that... Ive had many arguments with my 19 and 16 year old on alot of other joints they think are NEW, and I say nooooo thats OLDSKOOL joints with a newskool flavour.. they think i am usually making things up with my 'old' self. LOL whateva... xo, cookie
  19. 3cookies

    Game Talks About His New Album

    Give ur input when u do then AJ.. I dont know much about him asides what I over hear from my son & daughter talking about bcoz they've see him alot when hes in Burbank.... They seem to think the 'person' in the real appears nothing like the 'artist' & the lyrics ...so i dunno.. xo, cookie
  20. 3cookies

    FIX ME UP ~ Kel SpenceR

    lol... thx, but i had to fix the link it was broken. sorry bout that. The link works now... xo cookie
  21. What do you guys think about Kel Spencer's new joint FIX ME UP? It didn't fall in the same category as whole, with a production like "The Definition", for example. These beats will have to grow on me, and they're pretty catchy actually. Tho, KeL just has madd skills & need TOP quality producers making beatz to back him on MORE joints... Thats where he is lyrically. Thats my opinion... xo, cookie
  22. 3cookies

    FIX ME UP ~ Kel SpenceR

    Visco,...I mentioned his other page,... maybe u dont have the link. KS European Page You can download it from here. To Kev. I agree that KS knows, what he's doing, that was never a doubt with me. I want to see him use his full potential. thats all.. maybe I see more. i dunnno. i think ive said enough in this thread... xo, cookie
  23. 3cookies

    FIX ME UP ~ Kel SpenceR

    ur right, but he wont speak to me for a year. lol just kidding.. Kev, u still didnt say how u digg the song. u aint saying nothing SOLID related to the questin bro. lol I hope he doesnt shoot a video... yet. xo, cookie
  24. 3cookies

    Will Smith: ''I might record something''

  25. 3cookies

    FIX ME UP ~ Kel SpenceR

    yea Brakes... Lyrically, I LOVE it. and his flow is str8 off the charts. the beat can be catchy but like you Julie... if it has to "Grow" on me, thats NOT good for the artist. I want it to get me feeling RIGHT ,.. from the first minute I chek it out. I just think the beatmaker is not doing Kel's talent much justice. Its cool. Its simple. Tho it may be his style, its still lacking full substance to solicit the responses that I'd imagine KS should be getting... No offense by being honest here thats my boii, i see him going places ... but still... :shakehead: u guys ever feel 'bad' for giving ur honest opinion? xo, cookie