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  1. 2fresh

    Vanity Plates

    haha no need for window tint when your rolling with a nice bright beige interior and as for the subs well my system is loud enuf though i rather the nice loud (115db) tone of my exhaust hehe no system is loud enough without subs. here's some of my personal car audio devices these are some pretty average cheap costing 2-way speakers that sound pretty good, not the best, but good ahh... the head unit, my pet peeve. i shouldn't have bought that cheap ass Boss Audio unit. it distorts at loud sounds, and the cd player stopped working out of 1 channel which would have to be the D/A converter. i'll probably have to replace it with a NICE head unit like a pioneer or sony or kenwood these are my babies - 2 kicker comp c10's. 150 watts RMS each. u can see the 2 amps that power it. really tho those amps are cheap, u should be able to power those subs with one amp but as u can see i just keep building and building my system up as i go along outside of that my car is a piece of crap with a failing transmission and tired engine and 164,000 miles on it and that could die any day now dats fresh as dude im an alpine guy myself so when i start to get my Head unit and subs im going in that direction already got the rear alpine speakers and tweeters the rest is factory CLarion. but yeh im looking at making it louder in the future but at the moment my mind is set on performance, and looks.
  2. 2fresh

    Vanity Plates

    haha no need for window tint when your rolling with a nice bright beige interior and as for the subs well my system is loud enuf though i rather the nice loud (115db) tone of my exhaust hehe
  3. 2fresh

    Vanity Plates

    the second piccie enjoy my lil experiment wit the camera effects :wiggle: :1-sigh: :1-sigh: yeh thanx for reminding me was sum stupid road rage with a couple a hillbillies that caused a beer bottle to be projected at my ride 2 weeks prior to its car show debut (i.e Autosalon for all you down under) was very P***ed i assure yo
  4. 2fresh

    Vanity Plates

    haha it is a Very small world i was in cab yesterday to tell you the truth but im allways on the road in my ride on the weekends not so much since i bought a runaround ute. heres another 2 pics i took on my Samsung D500 yesterday just to show that the car is VERY worthy of the plates i ust say so myself :P
  5. 2fresh

    Vanity Plates

    i think i can settle for second best :( yeh dude i do in fairfield to be exact where you seen me?
  6. 2fresh

    Vanity Plates

    i originally had [2FRESH] and [FRE5H] but they were way more expensive than those on the car now. but it all comes down to how badly you really want them and i wanted em pretty badly
  7. 2fresh

    Vanity Plates

    yeh i know theres hero1 we share the role :P
  8. 2fresh

    "wave em off" cd

    definately need AFRO ANGEL. love dat song maybe JUST the 2 of us also???
  9. has anyone noticed the intro to fight music will smith is in the croud with the RAP SUPERSTArs actually its basically said rap superstars and will is shown str8 away.
  10. hey ya'll just wandaing how many of ya'll seen tha filmclip to girl friend by B2K will plays the godfather in it haha its sweet if by anychance if sumone has a copy iof the clip please upload it. cheers
  11. 2fresh

    "got to be real" in my mobil

    best poly ringtone is FPOBA gotta love the beat it turns heads wen ur fone rings cause everyone loves FPOBA haha go will how u get got to be real what site?
  12. YA'LL NEVER HEARD THIS VERSION B4 I HAVE ITS on the australian version of and in this corner i think. ill have to double chech but im 90% sure it is. damn u guys miss alot in the uk
  13. 2fresh

    1000 Kisses Video!

    so far that is my faV WILL VIDEO
  14. i got no idea how to upload it so i cant help you there i think Hero1 noes how too i mean he should know.ask him if he'll kindly do us the favour say its for his Australian MATE. hehe
  15. i havnt seen it in ages though would love to get my hands on it. wink wink nudge nudge
  16. 2fresh

    FP on other mc's albums

    FP doesnt collaborate with mcs.MCS collaborate wit FP. thats all i got to say
  17. 2fresh

    My Wife & Kids

    sum one change the forum to W W W debate. this aint bout my wife and kids no more
  18. yeh upload it id love to see it again thanx
  19. 2fresh

    My Wife & Kids

    as big a will fan as i am everyone knows W3 wasnt the best of fiilms hell will said so him self.
  20. 2fresh

    JJFP - "head over heals" ?

    wats da site dude???
  21. 2fresh

    What do we know about each other

    SYDNEY NSW AUSTRALIA!!!! yeh besides hero1 where aree all the aussies bras comeon ozzy come on come on haha ( i take it only hero1 will get that one ) lol
  22. 2fresh

    My Wife & Kids

    theres a lot of reference to will and FPOBA in My wife and kids have u noticed i mean the one that stands out the most is when the daughter i forget her name mentions how shes saving herself for will i cant remember the episode it was one of the early ones hehe i kraked up.
  23. 2fresh


    It seems as though i must be the only will fan in australia. if therrs anyone else please leme know id like to have contact wit sumone around home. i feel lonely :sad6: :sad6: :sad6: cheers
  24. 2fresh


    yay haha thats awsome i was posting and reading around but only seen peeps from uk and us didnt thinnk thered be an australian thats kool EVERY BODY GET A POTNA haha
  25. 2fresh

    JJFP Live on MTV

    that kills it i love it this is gunna be pumpin in my car for sum long tyme to come hahaha