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    VIsqo reacted to DevilsJim89 in No MIB 3 Track from Will Smith   
    It's what you think you saw - you did not see.
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    VIsqo reacted to gosia in No MIB 3 Track from Will Smith   
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    VIsqo reacted to Typhoon20 in No MIB 3 Track from Will Smith   
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    VIsqo reacted to Silver Tiger in JJFP Solo Freestyle Battle - ALL TIME RANKINGS   
    I think this is a good idea. I'd like to get this place buzzing more like the old days. I don't want half the contestants to move on by default!
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    VIsqo reacted to Big Willie in Tacer & Da Rebirth - A Deep Surge   
    A new song with Tacer (did the Dead & Gone remix with me), written and recorded on Sunday!


    Comments, likes, sharing. All feedback appreciated!
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    VIsqo reacted to Ale in 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air': A tribute to the series that launched Will Smith   
    I wanted to share this article, it was a nice read..


    Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down. And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I became obsessed with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Really, seriously obsessed. And, strangely enough, not until recently. Sure, I caught the show every once in awhile in the 1990s. But I never fully appreciated it until I was much older — and aware about Will Smith’s status as a superstar.

    Prior to revisiting Fresh Prince a few years back, thanks to those TBS reruns, I never could call myself a fan of the multi-camera sitcom. Most series in the genre were dated, predictable, and less funny than Hillary’s boyfriend Trevor. So when I flipped on a rerun of Fresh Prince a few years back, I was surprised how much Fresh Prince distanced itself from other sitcoms of its era. The wardrobe might have represented the worst of the ’90s, but the series still felt, well, fresh. The show took risks, going bluer than most sitcoms aimed at a family-friendly audience. And, most importantly, it was knock-down, drag-out funny.

    Of course, most of the credit can be given to its star, Will Smith. Even in his early days as an actor, the multi-hyphenate lit up the screen, commanding it better than co-stars with years more experience. Tuning into Fresh Prince, it was clear the young actor would soon be inviting cheers at your local theater punching aliens. But part of what made Smith so impressive — and so darn likable — was his ability to share the wealth on-screen. Yes, he stole every single Fresh Prince episode. And, yes, the series would be lost without him. But Smith allowed Fresh Prince to be an ensemble show, even when it was clear he was its true star. The show wouldn’t be complete without James Avery’s Philip Banks, a foil who showed us exasperation at its finest. Or Janet Hubert and Daphne Reid’s Vivian Banks (Hubert left the show after three years), the straight woman who could still keep up with her wise-guy nephew; Karyn Parsons’ Hilary Banks, the Veruca Salt-esque spoiled cousin with a heart of gold — because that’s all she loved; Tatyana Ali’s Ashley Banks, the adolescent cousin who adored Will and served as proof that Smith could cater towards a family-friendly demographic; Joseph Marcell’s Geoffrey, the hospitable butler who evened out Will’s manic ways with quiet hostility; and, of course, Alfonso Ribeiro’s Carlton Banks, a character so outlandish, everyone could mimic “The Carlton Dance” to this day.

    The series was so fresh and so smart, it’s no wonder several high-profile guest stars stopped by the Banks mansion throughout its run: Fresh Prince boasted appearances from the likes of Tyra Banks, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Queen Latifah, and Dick Clark. But the series hardly needed big names to succeed. Actually, I always preferred the episodes that would focus squarely on the Banks family and Will’s hijinks. Think “Talking Turkey” (the first Thanksgiving episode), “Burnin’ Down the House” (in which Will accidentally destroys the Banks kitchen), and “Strip-Tease For Two,” when Carlton and Will unintentionally become the dancers for a party involving Aunt Vivian. The Banks were a glamorous family with big hearts and hearty humor — who wouldn’t want to join in with their shenanigans? And give Smith millions and millions of dollars to headline Hollywood’s most profitable films?

    But now I turn things over to you, PopWatchers. What are you favorite memories involving the Banks family? And, with the exception of Will, who was your favorite Fresh Prince character?

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    VIsqo reacted to joe1306 in Unexpected JJFP+Nirvana Mashup   
    Just found this video on youtube by accident. I never would have thought those two songs would sound good together.

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    VIsqo got a reaction from Ale in What Are You Listening To? XXI   
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    VIsqo reacted to Turntable in We opened a new Hotel - "HotelamBach" - Check it out ya'll   
    Hey ya'll,

    I just wanted to share this with ya'll. I remember we used to have threads were we tell each other what we do for a living.. well now I'm not just a student anymore. My mother decided to get back in the Hotel game (she took a break for two years) and this time she involved me, because I am old enough now and because I'm studying International Bussines Administration.

    So we just took over a Hotel in the Black Forest, a famous region in South Germany (close to Switserland). We picked a town that is well known, because it is in the middel of nature, yet it is not a dead town at all. That is why it is very popular as a holiday location. It is called Hinterzarten. It is also very close to the city of Freiburg, a lovely, historic city (You can compare Freiburg citys like, for example, Salzburg). There are ofcourse a lot of Hotels here, so we decided to be a little more modern than the others Hotels. We do not have a restaurant, but we offer half-board and we only use high quality products. The focus realy is on biological- and slow-food. Because we took over the house about two months ago, we can only slowly change and renovate the rooms, the lounge and so on because we do not wanna close down in the middle of the summer. But we'll get there.

    So yeah.. this may seem like an advertisement.. but it's not, haha. I just wanted to share this with ya'll, but I am proud of the project so I have to talk about it

    Anyway, we now have a website (it is not done at all tho, this is just a subtitude untill the real site is done): http://hotel-am-bach.de/ and a Facebook page (would be great if you become fans): http://www.facebook.com/hotelambach

    Well anyway, thanks for your attention. I would love to get some feedback. Peace.

    P.S. what do ya'll think of the Logo? We like it a lot.

    P.S. 2: am Bach means at the creek

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    VIsqo got a reaction from KifyBoryaxoxy in The 10 Most Disappointing Rap Albums of 2010   
    The 10 Most Disappointing Rap Albums of 2010

    If you like cheap samples, corny lyrics, and the sound of nails being drawn across a blackboard, then you'll love these albums. Ladies and Gents, I give you the 10 most disappointing hip-hop albums of 2010.

    10. Ghost, Rae, and Meth - 'Wu-Massacre'
    ""© Def Jam

    When the dangerous triumvirate of Ghostface, Raekwon, and Method Man join forces on an album you expect an explosion of wits. But without Jedi RZA steering the army, these killer bees flail around aimlessly. Way to clutter Wu's pristine discography with your ego, fellas.

    9. Canibus - 'The C of Tranquility'
    ""© Interdependent Media

    His songs still hover around the familiar -- tough talk, lyrical bravado, and the occasional reference to UFOs. Sorry, Bis, but there's only so many ways to talk about how lyrically apt you are before people start nodding off.

    8. Ice Cube - 'I Am the West'
    ""© Lench Mob

    If Ice Cube retired from rap today, I wouldn't complain. Cube had a helluva run in the 90s, and Death Certificiate will always be a masterpiece in my book. AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted, too. Ah, those were the days.
    Buy Direct

    7. Twista - 'The Perfect Storm'
    ""© Get Money Gang Entertainment

    Twista plans the perfect end-time coitus and brags about his ability to rhyme 10,000 words per second. The songs on Perfect Storm barely segue, playing like a collection of average-to-solid material with no apparent cohesiveness. There are some explosive rhymes buried here and there. You just have to dig through the wreckage to find them.

    6. Redman - 'Redman Presents Reggie'
    ""© Def Jam

    These days, Funk Doc is more interested in playing wise sage to the bevy of upstarts and weed buddies than leaving them in the dust. Unfortunately, he does it while rocking his "I Love the 90s" t-shirt. It would be nice to see his musical maturity catch up with his personal growth.

    5. N.E.R.D. - 'Nothing'
    ""© Interscope

    If you're expecting the fierce rhythms that made "Everyone Nose" and "She Likes to Move" floor favorites, you're in for a massive disappointment. Instead, Williams and co conjure a mixbag of uninspired songs. You're likely to be more entertained listening to your neighbors have annoyingly loud sex.

    4. Rhymefest - 'El Che'
    "Rhymefest - El Che"© EMI

    Whereas Fest’s debut, Blue Collar, was thoroughly enjoyable, his second will cause you to feel something weird and it’s not adoration. Cheesy tales stretch across intense soundscapes but novelty takes a backseat to execution. Really, Fest, you don’t need to record every single idea you conceive.

    3. Nelly - '5.0.'
    ""© Universal Motown

    Nelly finally ran out of ideas. Those exuberant lyrics and captivating hooks of the past are now replaced by forced collaborations, cheap samples, and ridiculous lyrics. I'd rather listen to a chorus of snorting pigs than hear this again.

    2. Black Eyed Peas - 'The Beginning'
    "Black Eyed Peas - The Beginning"© Interscope

    The danger in being formulaic is that you eventually drown in the comfort of your own formula. Nosebleeding electro club hits worked last time out, so will.i.am and company returned with more of the same. Listen to The Beginning long enough and you'll feel like you've been transplanted to a disco night at a mental institution.

    1. T.I. - 'No Mercy'
    ""© Atlantic Records

    Arguably T.I.'s worst outing yet, No Mercy relies on gruesomely listless party tunes and way too much whining. You're better off listening to a running loop of Serena Williams' grunts at the U.S. Open. Whatever happened to the guy who used to get it poppin' with that 8-ball corner-pocket rhyme?


    I dont quite agree with this list.. There were a lot of more disappointing albums this year, and I like some of these.
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    VIsqo got a reaction from Cozmo D in LL Cool J - No Crew Is Superior   
    lol, he left the song when it started to get good
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    VIsqo got a reaction from Sandy in Will/Jada at the Turner Entertainment Network's Upfront event in New York   
    What happened to Will's hair in that first pic? lol
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