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  1. Jeff Waz On The Beatbox (Live 1989)

    I did a search to make sure that this hadn't been posted already, and I couldn't find it 
  2. My favorite song from And In This Corner
  3. I hope they'll perform songs like I'm Looking For The One, Just Kickin' It, Things That U Do and Caught In The Middle. Will needs to trust that he has real fans in the audience, and not just people who only know Gettin' Jiggy Wit It and Men In Black
  4. I have mixed opinions here. I'm really happy to finally hear Will make something new, but I really hate this type of music. But, on the other hand this type of music is pretty popular right now (In the UK at least) so this could be a good way for him to introduce himself back into music for a younger generation
  5. Instead of remaking old TV shows they should focus on making new TV shows.  I really hope that this is some kind of crazy internet rumor 
  6. I hope that all this hype is encouraging him even more to release new music 
  7. ''There's a Negro inside of you Dave'' LMAO!
  8. Is Will Smith getting jiggy again?

    No offence, but if Will does come out with a new album, I hope that Jaden won't be on it.
  9. Is Will Smith getting jiggy again?

    ''I got the bug'' That's the most promising thing I've heard from Will when it comes to new music.
  10. Will Smith and Kanye West track

    Looks like Margot Robbie has blown Will's cover a little bit
  11. Will Smith and Kanye West track

    I'm not a Kanye fan, but if this means getting new music from Will then I'm happy
  12. I'm happy with anything at this point, but I hope it'll be a JJFP album and not a Will Smith album. And if it is a Will Smith album I hope it'll be something like Willenium cause that was a JJFP album is disguise
  13. Hope this is legit. Our emotions have been messed with too many times now
  14. Jeff and Will perform in Vegas!

    It's so frustrating. You can tell that Will still enjoys doing music, so why don't he continue with it?