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  1. It's my first time on the board since this dropped. I'm really happy with this song. It'll hold me over for a minute. The early 90's feel is great, and the message-lite lyrics suits it. This is one of those things where FP went out on a limb and the results are glorious.
  2. I'm so glad they played "Switch" instead of one of the more common "go-to"s like "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" or "Yo, Home To Bel-Air."
  3. Yes! This is perfect for the end credits. DJ Khaled is mad annoying, so I'm glad that he definitely took a back seat on this. The music definitely has a late 90's/early 2000's feel to it. The way he says "never had a friend like me" feels like he borrowed from 2Pac's "Never Had A Friend Like Me." I get the feeling his going to let Aladdin be a vehicle to finally get his own music out.
  4. I can't believe this day has come. Like, I'm speechless. Honestly. I love the video. It's strange, but I feel like a lot of the things I always imagined about it were actually in the video. Can you imagine how HUGE this would have been in 1988!? Nancy, who on earth are you, other than an angel that has played a role in answering our prayers? This appears to be from a promo tape. I've heard that the video never aired, but I've also hear that it aired once. Based on the beginning of the video, this definitely looks like it was off of a promo VHS tape? Were you with Jive or part of
  5. I previewed the album the night it dropped. The beats he's using are pretty weak. There's only one or two songs that really grabbed me. I'll get back to the album later, but it's not a classic.
  6. For those that haven't been following, the Black Eyed Peas have reinvented themselves, going back to their pre-Fergie formula. BEP followed a formula that stared with two classic Hip-Hop albums, followed by two hugely successful Hip-Hop/Pop album, and then two Hip-Hop laced dance/pop albums. I love Fergie, but it looks like her leaving the group has directed them back to their roots. I'd like to think they have a new album coming soon. In the mean time, check out these newer songs, starting with newly released "Constant"
  7. KJ-52 + GOLDINCHILD feat. JERED SANDERS - Blame It On The Hip-Hop Sons of Intellect (2018)
  8. I'm sure many of you have read how Jazz/R&B musician and producer Robert Glasper aired out L-Boogie. This summer she has gotten more complaints regarding her tour practices. Well, she addresses it here... https://medium.com/@Ms.LaurynHill/addressingrobertgalsper-f08c20e02ffe I’ve remained patient and quiet for a very long time, allowing people to talk, speculate, and project, while keeping my nose to the grindstone fighting for freedoms many folks aren’t even aware matter. The arrogance of presumption that allows someone to think that they could have all the facts about another
  9. He's getting love for the music. We have a handful of (partial) songs. He just needs to drop these singles or get the album out. I fear he's gonna drag it out to the point that the hype for new music will weaken from his followers who aren't as loyal.
  10. I don't know if this article is important, but it's kinda interesting. https://pitchfork.com/features/lists-and-guides/are-rap-albums-really-getting-longer/ Are Rap Albums Really Getting Longer? How the lengths of popular hip-hop records have shifted across the last 30 years. Graphics by Patrick Jenkins by Andrew Mayz Lists & Guides Rap July 27 2018
  11. I must say, I'm really excited about this. I hope he records the audio book, too.
  12. I previewed the new Pusha T album and liked a lot of what I heard, but didn't feel compelled to buy it yet.
  13. Nice break down....but it doesn't compare to the way the Prince just kicked down the door and made the entire rap game (old and new) snap their heads in his direction. He must be putting the finishing touches on the album if he's bold enough to drop this.
  14. Please, no. The sequel album concept is usually a disappointment or misused.
  15. I was at work yesterday when he posted this. I had to leave the office and give it a listen. I love it. He left the beat smokin' . Like the songs on Lost + Found, he doesn't waste a single lyric. Everything he spits, he spits for a reason. No filler lyrics. With mainstream music being nothing but paid commercial time, this is the perfect way for him to re-introduce himself musically and get attention without being a partly under-the-radar independent artist or a record label pawn. I will say I'm not a fan of hearing FP cuss on a song, but he's not overdoing it, or for the sake of getting a P
  16. I have been enjoying M3, but it's not the kind of album that I listen to non-stop for days. The musicians that make up The Playlist are incredibly talented. I think Rhymefest, Dayne Jordan, and Uhmeer are crazy talented, though I do wish there was more variety when it comes to the emcees on the album. 2 Step, Child of God, Stronger Than Me, Wide Awake, Skater's Paradise, and the Outro are my personal favorites. THE ALBUM IS GETTING A PHYSICAL RELEASE. I had a feeling it would. You can pre-order on Jeff's website: http://www.djjazzyjeff.com/shop/. I really wanted it on CD, which they
  17. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - Warm Sentiments Zingalamaduni (1994)
  18. Here's their interview and performance on Wendy Williams' show: http://www.wendyshow.com/2018/04/05/en-vogue-talks-new-album-performs/#.WslIlTMh2M9
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