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  1. I just put on this on for the first time in a while. I'm curious if there's anyone who loves this album as much as I do. To me, this 1995 release is darn near perfect. Skee-Lo has lyrics, stories, and jokes. You could say that it generally has a west coast g-funk sound, but the sound is definitely broader than that. The title track was actually a huge smash. "Top of the Stairs" was a respectable follow-up single, which was also used on the Money Train soundtrack. "Superman" didn't generate the same attention. I know "Holdin' On" was released overseas with a more radio-ready remix, but I don't
  2. Let me start off by saying we don't know the full story. We don't have a place to judge. Who cares what any of us thinks on the matter? lol That being said, my thoughts are totally mixed on pretty much everything. If they were separated, whatever happens can happen. I've been in relationships where we take a break and one person takes advantage of that and the other does not. In the end, it never worked out. Jealousy and/or hurt exists, and eventually comes out. Very few relationships come out of something like that are as good as they were before. If they can do it, power to them
  3. RALPH TRESVANT feat. JOHNNY GILL - All Mine (2020)
  4. This has always been one of my favorite MJ remixes. MICHAEL JACKSON - They Don't Care About Us (Love To Infinity's Walk In The Park Mix) They Don't Care About Us (Single) 1995
  5. Man, I finally got to watch the whole thing. This was so good. I wanted to hear Jeff talk more, but his reactions kept me cracking up. Will definitely dominated the conversation. I love when they went into talking about their chemistry, the gun story, the times Charlie should have been fired, and why Will used his lower register on "Summertime". They should do these more often on Will's social media.
  6. My man Speech from Arrested Development is using quarantine to start a podcast. This video has him, his wife, his daughter, actress Zoe Renee, and his sister in law talking about the recent Red Table Talk video.
  7. NORAH JONES - To Live Pick Me Up Off The Floor (2020)
  8. Man, I saw this when he dropped it on Rock The Bell's Facebook. I love the message and I love the fire in him. He needs to put this over a beat.
  9. DMC will never get rid of that old school flow, and I'm okay with that. I wish the bass hit harder on this, but overall I like it. It's nothing ground breaking, but it's good to hear something new from him. His voice seems a bit stronger on this!
  10. This is kind of funny. Singer/songwriter Stefan Murphy of the Mighty Stef posted this video on his Facebook, asking an important question I'm sure we've all wondered at some point in our lives: what would the Fresh Prince theme song sound like if it were a sad folk lament as heard in an Irish pub? https://boingboing.net/2020/07/03/the-fresh-prince-theme-song-as.html?fbclid=IwAR1cqywVZWdz8RR9byizuy8NAhTi13mYJqtlQnJVqNfh1syXwbc06YMnACE
  11. SPEECH - Ask Somebody Who Ain't (If You Think The System's Workin') (self titled) 1996
  12. The whole battle idea is corny to me. If it's not rooted in reality, it just isn't interesting. They are talking about battling as presentation or a setup. The Fresh Prince and LL Cool J have been my two favorite emcees for about 30 years. I'd rather just hear them do some songs together. It's long overdue. Shoot, with their history, I"d just like to hear them talk for an hour about their music and history together.
  13. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - Trauma This Was Never Home (2016)
  14. Thank you for sharing. Big Daddy Kane doesn't miss a step. That band, too!
  15. This recent video does a great job looking at his music career from a pop culture stand point.
  16. I saw Bad Boys For Life when it was still in theaters. I'm not gonna lie, I was underwhelmed. Some of the jokes and references to the past were too forced. Doing the Bad Boys/Cops theme song twice was too much. The villain was kind of weird and ill fitting for the Bad Boys franchise. Most of all, I absolutely hate what they did to Captain Howard. It's the only Bad Boys film that saw once in theaters. The others I had seen many times in theaters. I stewed in this underwhelmed state for while. I've been staying out of stores for the most part with everything that's going on, but I did go
  17. I'm late on dropping a comment. Tim sent me a link to the video when this dropped. It was four in the morning when I saw it. I'm definitely love this. I had only ever heard of Joyner Lucas, but never listened to him before. I'm going to be a big repetitive in what I have to say, but I love how the lyrics are a humble balance of highlighting some of his accomplishment and giving props to those who influence and supported him. It's not just braggadocios, it's classy. At first I wasn't crazy about the modern choppy flow, though he puts more life into it than the 1,000 other modern rappers who s
  18. LL COOL J - 6 Minutes of Pleasure Mama Said Knock You Out (1990)
  19. This was fun. I feel like if they aren't going to be doing proper shows, they should do this from time to time. I love the graffiti in his garage! Their chemistry and banter is one of a kind.
  20. It's funny that Facebook shut down the group page, but kept the Will Smith Music page up since it was branching off of the jjfp.com FB group. I was thinking maybe you could convert the Will Smith Music page to the new JJFP.com page. The sad thing is that there were hundreds of pictures, some of the very rare, that were in that group. :(
  21. Here he is talking about it in an interview. Here's an article from Billboard: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/hip-hop/9358649/dj-jazzy-jeff-coronavirus-interviews DJ Jazzy Jeff Says Having Coronavirus 'Terrified Me To Death' 4/15/2020 by Glenn Rowley Erika Goldring/WireImage DJ Jazzy Jeff performs during the 2017 Hangout Music Festival Kick-Off on May 18, 2017 in Gulf Shores, Ala. On Tuesday (April 14), DJ Jazzy Jeff opened up on Tamron Hall about his scary experience with COVID-19. According to the DJ, he c
  22. This was fun! The 80's vibe really took me back. I liked hearing him talk about the transition from an independent label to Jive. I've never heard him address it before. It was also cool to hear him talk about the "Nightmare On My Street" music video before it got pulled. I really wanna know what that new jack swing song was that was in the middle of the video. I don't recall every hearing it and I love it. I couldn't find it by Googling the lyrics.
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