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  1. Silver Tiger

    Summertime 4

    Downloading now!
  2. Silver Tiger


    My problem is that Emmerich has pretty much proven himself to be a one-trick pony. Every movie he makes is essentially a disaster movie these days. I liked ID4 and The Patriot. Everything else has pretty much been a ho-hum rehash of familiar plot lines and forgettable characters. I won't shut the movie down completely before I see it but ID4 had this great sense of victory to it. Who knows though? Maybe it'll turn out okay.
  3. Silver Tiger

    Will Smith and Kanye West track

    Vhat?! Finally something! Maybe.
  4. Silver Tiger

    Our reviews of After Earth

    I probably won't be seeing it for a few months but when I do, I'll let y'all know. I know you'll be on pins and needles in the meantime.
  5. Silver Tiger

    50 Facts About Me

    Thank ya kindly, Schnazz!
  6. Silver Tiger

    50 Facts About Me

    Because I know that you were dying to know...
  7. Silver Tiger

    50 Facts About Me

    Thanks Brakes! It's been 47 now, I believe. For the past 12 weeks I've made it a goal to put out a new video every week and so far I have succeeded at that goal.
  8. Silver Tiger

    50 Facts About Me

  9. Silver Tiger

    50 Facts About Me

    Thanks Ale!
  10. Silver Tiger


    I can't believe how similar they are to us!
  11. Silver Tiger

    After Earth Box Office

    The terrible reviews aren't helping the film at all.
  12. Silver Tiger

    Will answered my question! :)

    Ha, that's dope Ale! Good question, too!
  13. Silver Tiger

    Podcast Recording Thursday 9PM UK time

    Damn, sorry guys. I was helping my gf out. I'm pretty bummed that I missed it.
  14. Silver Tiger

    After Earth

    Even the positive reviews on RT have a hugely negative slant :-/. I'll see this but given my terrible financial situation, I might be waiting to rent it instead.
  15. Silver Tiger

    We All Have Regrets

    Thanks rawad!
  16. Silver Tiger

    We All Have Regrets

    I made a new video about the funnest topic I could think of: regret! I'd like you're input!
  17. Silver Tiger

    After Earth

    Sony has put out a review embargo, they are clearly trying to stop all the negative reviews coming out before the movie is released... It's a shame, really. Because after Book of Eli, I was pretty excited about After Earth. If this is really bad film, I'll be disappointed. Especially since it's just another reason he hasn't made a new album. The Last Airbender was terrible though so it wouldn't surprise me. I don't know what happened to Shyamalan. I really liked his early stuff. Especially Unbreakable.
  18. Silver Tiger

    We All Have Regrets

    Thanks AJ!
  19. Silver Tiger

    After Earth

    I just noticed that there's still no reviews for this movie on Rotten Tomatoes. That's usually a bad sign when a film is a couple of days from release .
  20. Silver Tiger

    Podcast Recording Thursday 9PM UK time

    I'm down. That's 1PM PST, right? We haven't done one of these in ages.
  21. Silver Tiger

    Fan Mail

    Oh yeah, manual focus. That's a big one for me too.
  22. Silver Tiger

    Fan Mail

    Hey all, I made a new video and I thought I could get your input on it (HA!):
  23. Silver Tiger

    Will Smith Impromptu Rap on David Letterman 5/20/13

    I too, smiled.
  24. Silver Tiger

    Fan Mail

    The same thing I've been shooting on for the last 2 years. It's a JVC HD camcorder. It gets the job done but I'd really like to get something better. Preferably something that supports an external microphone.