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  1. Great interview! Thanx for posting!
  2. Will Smith at Ultra Miami 2018

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Is it me or is this crowd dead? They don't seem to hyped about Will being there!
  3. History of TV Theme Songs with Jimmy Fallon

    Thanx for the videos Ale!
  4. I heard about that documentary series, didn’t know he was doing promo for it. Let’s hope he says something about music!
  5. Why is he on Fallon? What is he promoting?
  6. Blast from the past! What up Cookies! Been a long time!
  7. I would be glad if he just released the full track... that would be awesome!
  8. More news on MIB4. Men in Black Reboot Reunites Thor Stars Tessa Thompson & Chris Hemsworth https://movieweb.com/men-in-black-4-spinoff-cast-tessa-thompson/
  9. Okay, so "this" happened..

    Will tagged two people in the post. One is Shane Eli. Don’t know who he is but his Instagram page says he’s a producer and songwriter. Perhaps he did the beat?
  10. Aight... here we go! The extended version that DaBrakes made. https://we.tl/uPKqejPiGz
  11. Thanks to DaBrakes we have an "extended" version of the snippet! If it's okay with you Brakes I can upload the MP3 file for everyone?
  12. Here's the link to the audio. It will stay online for 7 days. https://we.tl/8gbFVJcQAg
  13. I ripped the audio from the video into a mp3-file. If anyone wants it I can upload it.
  14. I agree with you Kev... the chorus is really catchy... can't get it out of my head. I'm really starting to like it!
  15. Thanks for the lyrics Tim. Any word on the full version dropping?