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  1. Great article! I just upgraded my tickets from General Admission to Golden Circle... It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to see them live so I had to get Golden Circle tickets!
  2. We are staying at Sorrento House. Only thing I haven't arranged yet is how we are traveling from the airport to the hotel. Anyone else who's landing in Manchester? Any tips on how to get to Blackpool?
  3. They should also to "Holla Back" and the "Fiesta Remix".
  4. I would like to see them do the following songs: Brand New Funk Rock The House Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble Parents Just Don't Understand Here We Go Again As We Go I'm All That Summertime Ring My Bell Somethin' Like Dis I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me) Boom! Shake The Room I Wanna Rock Scream Just Kickin' It You Saw My Blinker Y'all know Getting Jiggy With It Don't Say Nothin Just Cruisin Big Willie Style So Fresh Pump Me Up Potnas Uuhhh The Rain Act Like You Know Block Party Party Starter Switch I Wish I Made That/Swagga Lost And Found Damn... my list just doesn't seem to stop!
  5. You can find more information here: http://www.mtvsummerblast.com
  6. Yeah I'll probably just keep my general tickets. I also need to pay for my flight to Blackpool and my hotel. I'm building a house with my girlfriend at the moment so we can't just throw money around! I'm just glad that I have tickets and that I will be able to see JJFP perform!!
  7. I bought two general admission tickets! Is there a huge difference with the golden circle?
  8. I found some more info on the Facebook page of the festival. Tickets start at £30, you can buy tickets for each separately and people who don't live in the UK are able to buy tickets.
  9. I'm so down for this! Tickets are on sale tomorrow! Can people who don't live in the UK buy tickets?
  10. New music - caution in the wild

    It's been 9 months since the song was released.... any people still listening to it? Any people still using the app? It's a shame they haven't used it anymore to release more music!
  11. Aladdin - Will as Genie

    You beat me to it man, I just wanted to post the same news. http://movieweb.com/aladdin-disney-live-action-movie-will-smith-genie/
  12. So Will isn't doing anything right now..

    I'm not even going to talk about it...
  13. 'Bright'

    Really? Maybe people just don't care about this movie?
  14. 'Bright'

    Why is everyone sleeping on this new trailer?
  15. 'Bright'

    This first trailer looks promising. December is stil far away.