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  1. Nice review of the "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper" vinyl. https://www.musicmusingsandsuch.com/musicmusingsandsuch/2020/10/12/feature-vinyl-corner-dj-jazzy-jeff-amp-the-fresh-prince-hes-the-dj-im-the-rapper
  2. New shirts or sweaters? I'm not getting my hopes up for new music.
  3. DJ Jazzy Jeff, The Fresh Prince and a Grammy boycott that set the tone for three more decades of rap — and culture https://theundefeated.com/features/dj-jazzy-jeff-the-fresh-prince-and-a-grammy-boycott-that-set-the-tone-for-three-more-decades-of-rap-and-culture/ ------------- It's an older article but it's still interesting. I knew about the boycott but it's always great to read more about it.
  4. I loved it! It was really emotional. Loved the James tribute and the conversation with Janet. The final week of filming was great to see.
  5. Great trailer! Need to find a way to see it because HBO Max is not available in Belgium.
  6. Great stuff! Hopefully this place will get some more visitors and more action. :-)
  7. This looks amazing. And can’t believe the Janet Hubert took part in this. Looking forward to hear that conversation.
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