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  1. Moving Image Salute to Will Smith

    wow...jada and will's speeches to each other were very sweet and touching!! if u missed it, you have got to watch it...very nice tribute!!
  2. Triumph of the Will

    very nice interview...thanks!
  3. Empire Film Magazine

    thanks for posting the scan...is there more of the interview?
  4. Will on Leno

    thanks...they are great!
  5. Will's Television Appearances

    thank you so much!!
  6. Broadcast Film Critics nominations announced

    thats wonderful...keepin' my fingers crossed they both win!
  7. Will Smith Gets Serious

    thanks for the article
  8. POH New York premiere

    thanks....they look great!
  9. Will passionately kissing son

    he was just playing around...its his son...he can do that...hahaha!
  10. Watch Will Smith & Chris Gardner on Oprah

    thanks sooooo much....Willow and Jaden are sooo cute!!
  11. another will's interview

    thanks for the interview!
  12. "Pursuit of Happyness"

  13. Listen to Will Smith (Reader's Digest)

    thanks...nice reads...haha!
  14. Will on the cover of the new Premiere

    thanks...nice article!
  15. WILL SMITH: In Good Company

    That's Wonderful!