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Damn ya'll, allot of great Albums are coming out or just came out. I totaly lost the overview! Bobby Valentino's new Single is great, and I guess his Album is soon to drop. Than I just realised that Robin Thicke and Mario Vasquez dropped a lil while ago. I love Mario V's voice, and I'm definitly intrested in Robin's Album too. And I still realy wanna get Guvernor's Album, caus that was is realy amazing debut album to me, vers soulfull. Than there is Monica, Janet, Lyfe, Lionel Richie, Frankie J and some other ones thar recently dropped too. Not to forget that Marqies Houston is about to drop, considering he has a new Single out. I didnt like Omarion's debut album, but he also has a new single out. And John Legend just droped too. And what about Tyrese, and Kelly Rowland? It looks to me like this' is a good season for R&B this year. Did I forget something important? And which Album's are ya'll intrested in? I know there are allot of R&B Fans around.

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Did I forget something important?

Ruben Studdard's album came out last week

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Chauncey Black from Blackstreet and Chilli from TLC have solo albums by the end of the year, all these albums are probably coming out now 'cause the holidays are coming, they make good stuffing stockers

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