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Does anybody have their own website?


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Guest Prince
Thanks Brakes! Anyone else that likes my site, please vote! I need 7 more votes to overtake 4 other websites. 7 votes isn't many to reach, plus I'll add in the bonus of once we get 7 more votes I'll stop plugging lol. Please?


By the way, I've got until 14th September to get in votes... I won't complain if you register your friends for them either, haha. Thanks guys. :thumb:
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Guest Prince
lol yeah they get confirmation emails saying they registered.

Damn Julie, I love you, this means I've just overtaken 4 other websites haha. Thanks, and to your friends also. :thumb: :kekeke: Edited by Prince
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Guest Prince

It's cool Julie, they'll probably just think its spam and delete it... Little do they know haha. They would have voted anyway, had they known. Isn't that right... :: prods :: :poke:
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