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Potential Mixtape Cover

Da Brakes

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This picture and a whole others I done are a part of my portfolio I just had done. I decided I would try and give modelling a go and see what happens with that this year as well as the acting/rapping! Thats probably why the picture doesn't really fit in with Da Brakes image!

The body paint I have was an idea the make up artist had to include in the pictures! They don't actually mean anything it was just something different to have for the pictures!

I'm glad I ran it by you guys before I unleashed it on the world!! :lol: Thanks for the honesty! I think I'll keep Brakes the rapper, Brakes the actor and Brakes the model separate! It gets confusing when their worlds mix!! :lol:

yeah that's cool and dont use : Hey i am model Yooo ''hahaha it's really dont fit man ... i think the idea with bird poop was good :) i mean i thought it was something left from the turntable , u know (damn i am not too good on English and u probably dont know what i mean hah anyway

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NO offence but that copver seemes kinda gay with you showing your breast and all. I'd defo say change it

is this gay?


or these



ok i just wanted to post those, where have all the girls gone in this post?

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As much as i hate to admit it that pic of will does look kinda gay. LL and Usher have different poses. they don't expose just one breast cut they have a full frontal thing going on.

Man, I hate that pic of Will!

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