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Dissed By Eminem

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wack rapper #2 called Will "Soft" basically.

If FEM-INEM would fight will smith 1 on 1, not only would FEM-INEM lose the fight in 1,5 seconds,

he also would lose his manhood, although some may think he never had any to begin with.

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You wouldn't believe that I found a on going thread that's been going on a hip-hop website for the last year over "Mr. Nice Guy", the last comments were made by me, people really are idiots to still be dragging this out, they love beef, they're the reason why the rap game is the way it is right now, they only care about tabloids and don't check for the great albums, btw I don't think anybody really defended Will for wack rapper #2 dissin' him, nobody really commented on it all when the song was made, wack rapper #2 wasn't really taken serious for dissin' Will, it was taken more as a joke in a comedic song, nobody supported wack rapper #2 specifically for the line in that song either, I think it was just the media and the fans that took this out of hand as usual...


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wack rapper #2 and Will never really had a beef...wack rapper #2 dissed Will so he could boost his career, and Will responded...nothing of it...there never really was and never really will be.

Yeah like E M I N E M always does 2 boost his career but he didn't say something bad about Will again after the 'Mr Nice Guy' track so 4get about E M I N E M, he's a jerk! :ponder:

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