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Will in Berlin


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[quote=Jazzy Julie,Aug 4 2004, 09:32 AM]i hope he performs switch in London, i have been looking forward to hearing it. Anyways i have found a video link.


the problem is there is a german translater that talks over Will and u cant actually hear what Will is saying lol, but anyway just incase u wanna see. translations back to english would be welcomed lol.[/URL][/quote]
hehe .. he just said that there arent enough chairs in the cinema for all the people waiting out there .. so he just wanna do something that they havent come for nothing .. Edited by Lhunagar
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[quote=Jazzy Julie,Aug 4 2004, 09:47 AM]lol thanx, it was one of those times were i wished i had paid attention in german class.[/quote]

btw .. the strange woman in the 2nd interview is from the press .. will just said that she is so proud of his naked scene and that the BIG willie is cut out and that this scene was the most expensive scene in the whole movie because they had to delete that GREAT BIG little willie :roll: .. and so on .. and the press woman doesnt believe that he has trained his body for the movie and so will let her feel :p Edited by Lhunagar
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