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Vipa GTS - Beat Remake


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hidding places is pretty easy though. its much more fun to chop up the hard stuff where 9th wonder uses like 10 different chops for a simple 5 second loop...

f.e. check these i made before (just the chopped sample, no drums):




still have much more like these, love doin this to find out what exactly the producer did to the beat. and 9th is just too sick sometimes...

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Yea I made a Watch me remkae too. Just never put it out since I had the bass so messed up...I don't know. One of these days ima put out a EP of remakes.

Oh by the way..CAN YOU PLEASE Get me the sample for Pain? I swear that song is tougher to find than anything....I'd really appreciate that homie.

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yeah 9th wonder basses sound just too good to be copied.

check the forum out at the-breaks. theres a cat with a bunch of 9th wonder sample mixes, worth a listen. 7 volumes or so...

the pain

oh and btw since this is probably the right place to remind that jazzy jeffs cuts at the end of "watch me" are dope as hell!

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