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radio interview with will

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i found a radio interview from a dutch radio station with will. it's funny, but it's 2 bad the dj didn't ask about his music. here's the link:

[url="http://www.radio538.nl/538/index.jsp#"]interview with will[/url].jsp#

it's on the right under the titel "iets gemist?" witch means, "mist something?" and then you'll c will's name. you can figure the rest out yourself.

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[quote]thats hillarious!!!!!!!!!! too bad that guy cant talk english! lololol[/quote]

hahaha, i know. dutch ppl cant speak english that well, they (including me :kekeke: ) got a real bad accent.

Will was here 4 the premiere from i, robot in amsterdam. so i traveld by train to amsterdam, that's about 2,5 hours away from my home. i only went 2 see him preforme and it was just great! that was the first time i saw him with my own eyes and i enjoyed every seccond of it!! the first song he did was "crazy in love", that was pretty funny, he did the crazy bootyshake :roll:. and then "men in black", "gettin jiggy wit it", "miami", "switch" and "summertime", witch they all sang allong with. jeff wasn't there, but instead will brought biz markie allong, that was a great replacement man!! not as good as jeff ofcourse but biz did he's thing. some girls that stood next 2 me thought that biz was jeff :nhawong:
man, i finally heard what a great rapper will is, he rapps just as good as he does on his albums!!
during the concert, he said that switch (witch is a great party song!!!) will b released in 6 weeks in the usa, but didn't he say that already a few weeks ago?

i took some foto's with my digitale camera, but i don't know how i can put them on the internet. they're not that great, and they're large file's (about 650kb), if some1 can tell me how 2 put them on the internet, if ya'll wanne c the foto's.

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i found some pix from his performance in amsterdam, the pix i made aint that good and these r better.

i think 'switch' is a great song, only it's hard 4 me 2 remember lyrics after hearing them just 1 time, so i gotta dissapoint ya on that 1. the moves on the chorus from 'switch' r easy, u just clap 1 time on the right and 1 time on the left in a certain way on the rythem of the music.

here r the links 4 the pics i found:

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