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Die 4 U


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Wasup ya'll this is a song that I wrote to a girl who recently broke up with her man, tell me what ya'll think

Die 4 U Written By J-o-e

I can’t help but think about Ur smile n the way that u walk

I love Ur style of clothes, shít I fell in love the way u talk

I think I finally found the one and true complete soul mate

Was it fate that got us talking n acting this way on this date?

Help me lord coz I believe I have fell, I thought I felt well

But to spend ten minutes wit u, I would spent ten years in a cell

I would kill or be killed for u, hate if any man disrespect u

Or if u like a guy at the club, hate it if he tries to neglect u

I can’t stop my emotions in my head, words that u have said

Thing’s I have done that I would just wish someone wanted me dead

I feel terrible at Ur loss, a man came up and broke Ur heart

But baby it’s only the start, pain is love so they couldn’t be apart

U quit Ur job because of this jerk, now u can’t even work

I just wish that I could cure broken hearts so that u don’t feel hurt

But I know as well as u do, that it is impossible I try and help

But u don’t try and think about u, instead asking how’s my health

I can see it in Ur eyes, and Ur ex did nothing but tell lies

He wouldn’t die for u like I would, why did u take that as a surprise

yeah.. (yeah)

Don't you know I'll die for you? (die for you)

I'll lay down my life for you

I would, die for, you (die for, you)

Emotions running up and down my blood from my heart to veins

No more calling names while Ur on the freeway switching lanes

Screeching Ur tires because Ur pissed off, rang me and said believe

All he wanted to do was leave, I gave him no space to breathe

I said baby that’s nonsense, u can’t think of the repercussions

I’d thought I’d take the time out to tell u about our discussions

This girl was my school sweet heart, and is till this very day

I know it seems that it keeps getting grey, but all u need is to pray

I try and help but I’ve never had a broken heart, so it’s hard

I know it’s tough baby but so is the road and you’ll just get scarred

I try and act like u don’t mean nothing to me, but u r something to me

And Ur ex walking around claiming he got u fired and fronting to me

If u didn’t love him so much, girl I’m honest I would of hit him

Or better yet, take him the vet so that a filthy dog bit him

U say he’s a jerk, but I know that hate isn’t the opposite of love

Just like hell isn’t like heaven and we pray to go up above

I’d die 4 u, baby girl believe that I’d even cry 4 u

If u was in some deep **** in court, on oath girl I’d lie 4 u

yeah.. (yeah)

Don't you know I'll die for you? (die for you)

I'll lay down my life for you

I would, die for, you (die for, you)

Ur coming to me for advice, I thought I’d left the sacrifice

I also thought I’d have a chance in another life so she can be my wife

But that isn’t happening, so I write my rhymes so clearly

Being ever so dearly so when u read them I hope u can hear me

I’m not the same guy as I was at school, I’m no longer a fool

Instead of fists I use my words as a tool, now tell me that’s cool

I wish the way u look, the way u do that thing wit Ur hair

2 years gone by, Ur happy but I didn’t think u would ever care

I was wrong, I admit what I did was stupid, and I’m a man

I can stand up on my own and apologize and hope that u understand

If u don’t then I’ll leave, I’ll give u some space to breathe

I’ll become cold and I won’t ever wear my heart on my sleeve

Even though times look rough, but baby Ur a dime in the rough

2 ounces of love from u would never be enough…

yeah.. (yeah)

Don't you know I'll die for you? (die for you)

I'll lay down my life for you

I would, die for, you (die for, you)

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