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Da Homeboyz - Party With Us

(Brotha Luigie)

Dis are Da Homeboyz givin party classes//

So get prepared, take ya note books, look da freshest//

Is original wit "Homeboyz" printed all over it//

Call it dumb or cool, whatever, we love it//

Have a drink and watch aint our way//

We gotta go there and move when spins the DJ//

Follow the music and rock the dance floor//

All the chicks run to us when they open the door//

Lets do it like we know to do it my ladies//

It's a long night so lets keep it up babies!//

Yo! Mr. DJ play our favorite song//

Its the time!, hey not 50 cent, u got it wrong//

Rackler step 1, Mi$ta Money step 2//

I do the step 3, now 1-2-3 belongs to you//

Like Hitch said: "3 dates and you go by yourselves"//

We say: "3 dance steps and s will ring ya bells"//


Come party with the best boyz//

Hommie, it ain't a hard choice//

Partys gettin' better with us//

Come party, why you need trust?//

[spoken] All you boys, & ladies, come party!


Rappin' is our specialty, rhyme wit us//

You wanna party wit us? A must//

DJ mixin' & flipin' the fly discs//

Man, we gotta a whole lotta tricks//

We rocked yo' mind, now we got ya again//

Come do your thing on the dance floor, my friend//

Luigie said they gonna ring our bells, he's right//

Man, we can party late into the night//

You wanna know the right way to party? Ask Money//

The way you dance right now, is very funny//

Don't mess with us, or you won't get to chill//

Hommie, you look like a skinny uncle phill//

You might think we're from the ghetto, but we ain't//

Sit on the couch, kick of your shoes, no more candy paint//

Kingz of da streetz, ya might have heard//

Like Michael Jordan, shoots and gets another third//


(Mi$ta Money)

Luigie & Rackler told ya how to party//

Now, Ima show U how 2 dance, shorty//

U gotta be fly wit what moves ya break//

Break dance yo 1st time, ull look like a corn flake//

BUT U might need 2 pay wit dolla billz//

I aint givin em 4 free. BUT U really need skillz//

Party wit us, to be one of the coolest hommies in town//

Party wit nerds, you'll be tha town clown//

Chicks want us 2 dance like MJ, I think we can do dat//

If we do that, will U think we`re P-H-A-T? PHAT!//

Yo, we`ve been 2 a whole lotta partys that sucked//

Rollin' around on da dirty flo`, dont git.... mucked!//

There also has been some dope spots//

If U hang out wit dat ladie, boy ull git da hots//

So come party wit us, if ya want a real treat//

Fo` sure, the DJ will play a hot beat//

[Chorus x 2 fade...]

Hope you guys will like dis one :kool:

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It's getting better :lolsign: but these songs are hard to write for me and I expect that u wrote a song that I couldn't, I've always had problem writing party tracks, And hopefully this can be something I can get inspired to...Keep it up guys :thumbsup:

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Yeah i know its hard to write dis type of songs, thanks for droppin us a coment dude, surely we'll keep workin. anyone else?

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We won't record until our voices mature enough, that we don't sound like idiots when we speak. :rofl:

Well im 17, my voice is mature enough :kekeke: I'll have t wait for ya :lolsign:

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We won't record until our voices mature enough, that we don't sound like idiots when we speak. :rofl:

Well im 17, my voice is mature enough :kekeke: I'll have t wait for ya :lolsign:

Sorry, I'm makin' you wait. :lolsign:

Any more comments y'all? :rockon:

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