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You mite already know this but....

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I got this off MTV.com

"Missy Elliott lent a hand to Christina Aguilera as she recorded her remake of yet another disco classic, Rose Royce's "Car Wash," for the upcoming movie "Shark Tale," which hits theaters October 1. The dynamic duo's joint is joined by tracks from Ziggy Marley and Sean Paul; Mary J. Blige, and Will Smith. The soundtrack is due September 27. ..."

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I heard a few of Ziggy Marley's singles from the mid-late 90's and liked them. If his singles reflect his albums...i think he makes some good stuff. BET stopped airing Caribbean Rhythms so they don't have any shows that focus strictly on Reggae and Dancehall anymore. I'm not any expert on his music at all...i'm just saying i've liked what i've heard.

The Marley's are kinda like the Wayan's of reggae. :roll: Edited by JumpinJack AJ
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I guess with anything ZIggy makes, he's never gonna live up to his dad's success. But you can't blame him for not being able to. I can't judge him cos i've never heard his stuff
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