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Why I'm trying to be more tolerant


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Ok well here's my story... I am purely atheist, I was raised in an atheist family, and I do not believe in God. However, I do respect the religious beliefs of other people. There are a lot of religious people where I live, considering the fact that 70% of the population of Utah is Mormon. I know a lot of Mormon people and I totally respect their beliefs, and they respect mine. I do not attempt to convert them to atheism, and they don't try to convert me. Religious beliefs is something we are all going to have to live and deal with. Everyone was taught and raised differently and they believe in their own way. Religious beliefs are chosen by an individual and that person can choose how they want to believe it, and other people can't change that. That is why we have to respect each other's beliefs, because they influence one's life. Religion is a world-wide thing that one person alone can't change. One person can't go around saying that the way he/she believes is the right way and that everyone else is wrong, because there is no right or wrong belief or opinion. It is merely what one person thinks, and we all must learn to respect that. So to sum this all up... even though I am atheist, I repsect everyone else's beliefs, and I understand how their beliefs affect their lives, and how their beliefs are important to them for dealing with situations in life.

:word: Exactly Timmay. I do believe, but I dont mind other views, caus people can believe what they want.

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There is no need to change anyone's personal spiritual beliefs Lerkot.. Seriously :word:

Well actually I think there is a need because religion is the father to a lot of the violence in the world (even though drugs and alcohol is worse in that aspect).

remove religion and i guarantee you that humans will find plenty more excuses for violence and war , for the most part all these wars are actually in conflict with the message of the underlying religion, they are based on a perversion of a historic text 9/10

for all the evil done in the name of religion there is a lot of kindness in the name of it too..

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