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Guest Prince
It was amusing, but they had a little posse going on... Then it stopped being funny when they all grouped up before spamming 4 pages of the board (around 100 threads I would estimate) with the same word (f*ck, except with the u instead of *). They had it on paste, and in one post I put it into Word for the wordcount and there were around 32,000 words in that one post! Just the same word over and over! :touche: :bang: :cussing: :rosik: Edited by Prince
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Man, some crazy mess went down on that board. Everytime their'd be a hater attack, i'd spend hours cleaning that board up...literally. We should start a new post on an off-topic board about all the funny stuff that happened over there.
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u know jeff signed up to the old board as "da_magnificent" but just as he signed up that board was down for about 3 months! :ohnoes: but do we really need will to reply to that kfc post :cya:
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