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Will & Jeff visiting the site

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I just hasve a feeling that Jeff & Will visit this site.

We know Jeff & Will are computer smart, and AJ and Tim have been in contact with them about the site.

Im sure they would love to know on a regular basis what their old skool fans still think nowadays, and i bet are touched that there is a site for JJ+FP.

I doubt they will eva post but im pretty sure they check the posts every now and then.

So HI to Will & Jeff

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Jeff has checked out the site. That's how Tim got the hook up. When Jeff peeped it out, he realized that he found a site put 2gether but a real fan. When i 1st talked 2 Jeff i told him about the site. Recently i havn't talked 2 him...i think he's just busy and hasn't gotten online.
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jeff has definitely checked the site.. in fact hes a big fan of it.. i actually helped jeff a bit with his site.. that a touch of jazz discography i wrote up is on jeffs site...stacy from squarebiz.org(puts on shows in philly) showed jeff the site back in like 2002.. i somehow had managed to send her sumthin abt the site..

when i met will and jeff.. i think will may have said that im the one with the site...i said to will "have you seen the site" and he said "no, but jeffs been telling me about it" so will may just check it out now :thumb:

darnell (jeffs merchandising/touring guy) was just put in charge of updating the jj and atoj site.. he said he's gonna put a link to jazzyjefffreshprince.com on both sites.... darnell's also got sum dope t-shirts he was showin me.. he said he might even do sum jazzy jeff and fresh prince shirts we can sell on the site.. he wants to do a brand new funk 1 :switch: so it's all good!

i can also let you guys know they are re-doing willsmith.com as we speak! so no more of that sony rubbish
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JJ+FP shirts are a great idea. I would get tons of those as long as they looked good. JJ+FP need 2 do a photo shoot 2 put a new picture on the front and then maybe a smaller old skool pic on the back with one of FP's lyrics under it. I'd proudly wear them around. Hat's aren't a bad idea either.
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