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what can I say

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  • 3 weeks later...

disappointed, frustrated and what's not?...

after 2 weeks in a row I come home and I find out Will is closer then ever 2 me but I don't know where is he, that just not nice from Will to come here and ignor his true fans.

I cryed like a lil girl, this is my dream since I was 9 Y.O...

I can't contact any1 that can help me and tell me where is he.

I know he supposed to leave today and I just freak out.

that not fair.

I thought to boycott WS, but it won't give anything 2 any1 and truely I can't do that. im hoopless sick at home craing my eyes out and my g/f don't know what 2 do with me.

it's just not right.

WHY the press can't tell me when I can c him and where??? is that 2 much 2 ask?...

tomorrow i'm going back 2 the aramy for another 2 weeks with no ammbition and no nuttin thinking my chilldhood dream shattered to pieces with big bags of hopes.

If some1 will catch Will please tell him that there's a true fan in Israel that cring and in the next time go and perform here.

but in the bright side I know Will Smith know where is Israel and if he like it he will b back, please tell me that right??? please?...

Dawg, I'm hopin to GOD that you weren't serious about the crying part...either that, or I hope you're some kind of metrosexual.

How about you shut your mouth?


Hey WillReign, how much more time do you have to spend in the army?

And yeah, no worries, if it really is your dream then you'll see him sometime. :2thumbs: Just don't be like Julie and start screaming in his face!! :kekeke:

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