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Is It Guaranteed???

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I don't wanna get my hopes up and then be let down by thinkng Jeff will be on the new album for sure. The fact that we are getting a new album at all from Will is ace even if Jeff won't be on it, but we all wish he was going to be. It just sonds like Will's been working on all these tracks without Jeff and maybe it won't have him on the album. Unless of course they will be carrying on over the enxt couple of months recording more tracks togeva up unitl the release.

Jeff & Will did perform togeva once b4 the release of Born To Reign but Jeff wasn't on the album. I just hope it doesn't work out the same way now with Jeff doing a few dates with Wil.
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Jeff already confirmed awhile ago that they worked on some stuff and i'm sure that with all the time they've been spending 2gether recently, they are working on even more trax. I don't see how they could work 2gether and not have the trax make the album. If u look at the past work on Will's solo albums, the trax with Jeff seem 2 be the best and who would purposely leave their best work off their album.
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Guest Prince
[quote=KevTastic,Jul 26 2004, 04:59 PM]Well if its guaran-dam-teed. that makes me happier :)

Cheers guys[/quote]
Yup it's going to happen :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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