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Two new DJ GTS Remixes


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Also added to the Mix, I got bored and remade the beat for 50 Cent's "Hustlerz ambition"...


Only about 2 Flaws in it, I arranged some things wrong, so You might find a small half second paused at the end, and a small skip in the intro. Nothing to ruin the song, though.

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Little Brother "Whatever You Say" (GTS Remix) - Very nice remix. It's a good mellow vibe.

Kev Brown "Always" (GTS Remix) - I never heard of this guy. It's sounds a lil like a tougher persona Will Smith. This one was nice too. Both the tracks would be good on a mellow rap mix cd. Your beats are definately getting better. I think these are top notch. Hopefully your production spreads to where you want it to.

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